New Halloween and Old

While out thrifting yesterday, I stopped by one of my favorite stores to see if they had their Halloween items out yet. They did!! I thought I would show you some of the new Halloween items on the market this year. These napkins are reproductions of a china pattern.

I bought a set of maple leaf dishes.

These are carried by Raz. I think that they make some of the nicer decorations available these days.

A pewter pumpkin napkin weight.

These napkin weights come in spider shapes. witch hats (I am on the waiting list for one!), skulls and bats. They are by Mariposa.

I really like these pumpkins because after Halloween you can keep them out for Thanksgiving.

I bought a set of these sparkly witches dancing with their brooms. They are made from metal and covered in glitter.

This was at the same store and was marked 75% off. What a good deal on a bird feeder.

On to the flea markets. I snapped this silver plated candelabra up for 2.95.

Glass fruit for 49 cents each. I am going to lay this around under my tomato and pepper plants.

Love love love these sterling plate candlesticks. $7.95 for the pair. Halloween, here I come.

I found this nice sturdy candle base which will add height to one of my candlestick projects. $1.95

Another cheese server. Don't ever give anyone a cheese server for a wedding or anniversary present because NO ONE keeps them. They all end up at thrift shops and I think I have bought every single one. I am using all the glass domes as cloches in the garden. $2.95

I pick these old pressed glass candelabras up when I can find them really cheap. They can be used all year round in arrangements. $1.95

Help? I can usually figure things out but I don't understand these at all. First of all, I have never seen a pair of these. Olives and onions? And as you can see on the next picture, they have spouts.

Why spouts on olive and onion containers? They were $1.50 for the pair.

More birds for the potting bench. 95 cents

Hey wait....this does not fit in here!!! But for 5.00, a Santa blow mold in perfect shape was irresistible. I collect old plastic Santas. When displayed in a group they can be quite charming.

This was the find of the day.

A 1954 singer sewing machine in perfect condition with the manual and all of the accessories. $60.00...the price for nostalgia.


I can remember that we had the exact maple leaf dishes at our summer cottage when I was younger! I´m afraid that they stayed there when my brother sold it. A shame really, I liked them very much.

That birdfeeder is really nice! Never seen anything like it over here.

I have a soft spot for old sewing machines :-) Nowdays I only have two left (Husquarna both of them), but I used to have a couple more. I don´t know why I like them so much, I can´t sow with a sewingmachine if so my life depended on it :-) :-) :-) So every time I´m at an auktion and they have one there I bid on it :-) :-)
Have a great day now!
Well I love your finds. Do you craft with your treasures or re-sell them? Or is everything you find, kept for your own use? You and I have VERY similar taste. I can tell because you pretty much pick out the same things I would pick out...ha! If you do re-use them or craft with them, I'd love to see what you come up with. The napkins I adore! And the only thing I could come up with on the Olives and Onion jars was that perhaps they are for know the the little wet mini onions and then olives for martinis. As for the spout I am stumped, unless you pour the whole jar in and then drain the juice back out with the spout. Ha! That is stretching I know. Anyway...great stuff as usual! :o)
Pricilla said…
The maple leaf plates are great.

I think my grandma had that same sewing machine. Foot treadle. I loved that machine.
Autumnforest said…
You are so much fun! Why can't you be my neighbor? Oh well, I'll settle for long-distance admiration. I love the Raz dishes too (no duh--I have an autumn leaf tattoo!) I'm using this Halloween party as an excuse to get more stuff in my collection. I thinned it out years ago because I decided as a ghost hunter, I'd only do "haunted" Halloweens, so no stuff that didn't fit the theme. But, it's hard to find good ghost stuff that isn't "happy" and "friendly." Hee hee
kim said…
Actually, I think Wendy the Very Good Witc his correct. Pretty popular in the 50's as a bar accessory. You can add the onions and olives to the jars with juice while your guests are there. This avoids the *gastly* common jar on the table. Just a prettier way to serve them for cocktail hour.
Touchatou said…
My favorites are the leaves plates ! And the 7.95 candelabra. But the plates win over all ! Please, please, not Christmas yet !! I am not even ready for fall ! lol
Toria said…
I was going to suggest the same thing as Wendy the (Very)Good Witch and Kim. And not just for bars & cocktails - people put out those little onions & olives on buffets, so you can add a couple to you plate.

I love the dancing witches. I enjoy looking at most of your finds, but that one is definitely my favourite of all the ones you've shown over the past few days.
greekwitch said…
You can sew? That must be nice! I want so much to learn. Then i would be able to make my own clothes!
Rue said…
I agree with Wendy and Kim and Toria too - don't forget that "Dirty Martinis" are made with olive juice. Much easier to pour the juice from a lidded container with a spout that trying to get the juice out of a jar! where are my olives...

I love the napkins! I'd love to have that china pattern!
Delwyn said…
Hello Jaz

I loved the little plates too, I like to collect such things from different countries I visit as they are so easy to bring home...

Now tell me what do you do with all this 'stuff'...

Happy days
Michelle said…
Man you have the best luck finding great things!! I love 'em all and wow that sewing machine! What a treasure. That is very odd about the olive and onion containers...I have no clue why they would have spouts on them..curious now!
VintageSage said…
Dang! Did it again...that was me above (Vintage Sage) I was signed into my other profile (for my Chocolate and Marmalade Blog). :) Typical, that's how my life is these days!
Hi Jaz -- Good morning! I've got an award for you over at my blog today if you want to come and pick it up!
Bella Foxglove said…
Awesome finds, as always. This is quickly becoming my fav blog to read lol..

The Olive and Onion jars are indeed for drinks, and the spout is indeed to drain the liquid off, but some folks like a little of the onion or olive juice in their martini, it gives it a better flavor.
Jeanne said…
What great finds! I have started a collection of silver plated candlesticks and I like the prices you gave for yours much better than what I find mine at! The pattern on the napkins is so vintage.
=Tamar said…
That Singer model 301 sewing machine is a real find. It's all gear driven and will sew through anything.