No More Zoar

One of the best parts of these shows is the food. You never know what to expect. One of the booths offered chicken barbeque.

The grill for the chicken was this train engine. Barbeque people tend to get very artistic with their grills. Right above the counter on the side of the engine are the handles to open the grill. The smoke from the grill rises out of the smoke stack. Chew chew!!!

Where there is German influence you will always find brats.

The chicken grillers definitely beat this guy out in the imaginative grill category.

You could eat your food under the apple trees.

And on benches with cute patriotic centerpieces.

A list of what this booth had to offer.

Baked bean sandwiches? Englishmen has infiltrated the Germans!

Just as we sat down to eat what did I spy?


More re-enactors! Great for the blog. I pushed the camera at my son and said, "chase them down and shoot them (with the camera of course)". Hey, I wasn't leaving my brat.

He went after them in hot pursuit while grumbling that they might not want to be photographed.

I yelled...."but they are re-enactors!" I mean, if they don't want to be photographed then who does?

And good old mama was right again!

These guys would have posed all day! This is what they live for.

There were many others in costume too.

No matter what their age.

I hope you enjoyed the trip to Zoar. I will be chronically our trip to Salem mid-October for anyone interested in all things witchy and New England.


I have really enjoyed this trip to Zoar! Thanks!
And I agree, there must have been an englishman infiltrating the germans. Who else would ever eat bean sandwiches :-) :-)
Have a great day now!
Touchatou said…
Brats ? Except for naughty children, it means nothing to me ! lol Bean sandwiches ? berkkkkk lolllll I am not a bean kind. ;)
Prospero said…
Those re-enactors are a riot! And I'll go with the choo-choo train grill any day.
Rue said…
Love the train - but I'm a Brat girl! Love a good spicy sausage - especially on a summer day! Loved the pics of your trip!
Patty said…
This looks like something I would have enjoyed. Thanks for sharing it with us.