October Sky

This was the view of the sky from my front porch this morning just as the sun was rising.

When my children were small we always called this the October sky.

For all of you Halloween people out there, I thought I would show you some Halloween books you may or may not have. Click on the pics for closeups. This book is all about anthropomorphic Halloween collectibles. I have never collected any of these things because they always reminded me of those commercials from the 60's showing your food coming back to haunt you with indigestion. Creepy!

These books are really helpful if you are a collector because they show you what is out there.

This has been my bible. I have managed to find almost everything in it. Ok...that is a bit embarrassing.

This is a book on plastic collectibles.

Halloween craft and cookbooks.

Pumpkin carving and cookbooks.

General idea books for Halloween.

More cookbooks.

This is a good books because it has scary stories as well as all sorts of other things too.

Two of my children's favorites. If you don't have these you should look for them. As my son was helping me with this post this morning he was reminiscing about his old favorites.

This one was so well loved that it is falling apart. It has wonderful illustrations in it.


What a fantastic morning sky! I never get tired of watching the clouds!

When I see all Your things I almost wish we celebrated Halloween here too :-)
Have a great day now!
Marie said…
Great post- nothing I love more than witches, halloween, & BOOKS!
magikalseasons said…
Love ths sky pics! Spooky! Today fall is in the air my boys are outside with hooded sweat shirts on. I have 8 of those books. Collecting what you love is wonderful. I always enjoy seeing your womderful finds! :) Becca
Autumnforest said…
Great books--I have some of them, some I will look into, they look good! The pictures of the sky make me sigh. I love to wake up to clouds. :-)
Pricilla said…
Just made me realize that I can't wait to see your jack o lanterns!
Sarah said…
Hi Jaz,
Thanks for visiting! I am hoping to actually eat the mushrooms tomorrow. I love all your halloween books-and that October sky is lovely. I always feel a bit of sadness for the end of summer but like the excitement in the air in the autumn.
Touchatou said…
Embarrassing ? Why is it embarrassing that you love collecting valuable things ? They are not valuable only in money, but in the pleasure they give you, dear. Keep having fun and joy ! Kisses.
Although I'm not a collector like you, Halloween was always one of my favourite holidays when I was a kid. Your blog brings that joy back to me -- thanks!
Anonymous said…
Check out my horror movie blog for the latest horror news the occasional creepy treasure.
thanks :)
Ha...I'm getting to these posts backwards. I see you love to collect Halloween books as much as I do. I have most of the same ones. None of the collector books though. I am not really an antique collector of Halloween stuff because it is really hard to find in Florida and is very expensive. But I could use those books as inspiration for my artwork. Hooray for Halloween!