Part 2 Roscoe Village

Welcome back to Roscoe village.

As you can see original buildings are in pristine shape.

They still have the old brick sidewalks. They add to the town's ambiance.

Artisan's shops are tucked behind the main buildings.

All the buildings have patriotic swags.

This is the original Toll House. As I was posting this it inspired me to bake some original Toll House cookies. The recipe I use calls for the dough to "ripen" in the refrigerator for three days. Chemically, the sugar breaks down and develops a much richer flavor than traditional cookies. I will post pictures of them when I bake them. Toll House cookies did not originate at this Toll House. More on the original when I post them!

These buildings now house inviting little shops.

And some have been converted to restaurants.

With outdoor seating.

Hill Street

Appropriately named

Inside the General Store you can find all sorts of tempting treats.

This town resembles Colonial Williamsburg.

The original school house.

Brick paths lead to many beautiful gardens.

A close look at some well preserved artifacts.

Some of the historic building are still occupied.

The village smith

This is one of the few houses with wood siding and this is also privately owned.

Many areas in Ohio were active in the Underground Railroad. If you are not familiar with the Underground Railroad it was a system for transporting slaves to freedom.

Then we saw this sign. This store has a fantastic collection of fine acoustic instruments. It had the largest collection of guitars I have seen anywhere and I was in Nashville just last year! I got so excited that I forgot to take a picture of the old house which is the Lock Keepers house.

And I came home with the hammered dulcimer I have been dreaming about for years! It has inlays of the Harris Rose from the Book of Kells. I WILL learn to play this. When I do, I will make a video for you to see and hear. I hope you can wait for several years!

Hope you enjoyed Roscoe Village! I will be making a few more of these trips as soon as the weather cools a bit. I am hibernating now from the heat.


I love looking at these pictures! It´s so different from anything we have here. It looks so nice with brick sidewalks! I´ll keep waiting then :-)
Have a great day now!
hammered dulcimers makes some of the most beautiful sounding music. My spouse and I built one many years ago that has since been lost in moves, but I do still play the psaltery. Let me know when you learn to play I would love to see the video!
What a gorgeous hammered dulcimer and what fun you'll have learning to play it!
Dede said…
A terrific viral road trip you have shared with us! Love the wood siding house it is gorgeous! Would love to sit in one of the old wagons. OOOhhh, can't wait for the cookies. LOL
Pricilla said…
Dulcimers can be works of art. I had a friend here who played one for people as part of hospice. She also played the harp. She was unbelievably talented.

This place reminds me of New Hope, Pa.
thank you!
Suzie said…
What a fantastic journey you had, and thank you SO much for sharing it with us! I truly enjoyed all of the excellent photos and your charming narrative!

And the hammered dulcimer is a work of art!! Just beautiful! I'm sure that it is going to provide you with many hours of pleasure! Yes, even in learning how to play it!
Jeanne said…
How fun! Roscoe Village has such a storybook feel to it. Thank you for sharing.