The Return of Jake

Long ago when my children were small I made a scarecrow for Halloween. We named him Jake. He was with us for many years but as my children got older Jake did too and somewhere along the way Jake bought the farm, so to speak. Recently my 25 years old son and my 24 years old daughter and I were reminiscing about Jake when we decided to bring him back! Above is the table where the operation began.

We started with what else but a bale of straw.

And a pair of pantyhose. Jake is not a cross dressing scarecrow. The pantyhose are actually functional.

I, once again, forgot to photograph the previous step. We stuffed the panty hose with straw and the legs of the pantyhose became Jake's arms and the butt part became his head. Hehe...Jake is a butt head!!!

We took an old denim shirt and after inserting the stuffed pantyhose we continue to stuff the shirt to 'fill Jake out'.

I use whole straw flakes to give him support.

The shirt is then buttoned up.

And I attach the head to the shirt with safety pins which adds additional support.

Oops... me thinks Jake ate a bit too much straw!! He has a straw belly.

The pant legs are tied with twine to hold in the straw.

The shirt is stuffed into the pants and then I tie twine suspenders from belt loop to belt loop across his back.

This adds additional support and helps hold him together. Fancy shirt you got there Jake!

Here is the roughed out Jake. He looks like Gary Sinise in Forest Gump when he was waddling around with no legs.

Oh no...Jake is on the way to the gallows. Not really, he is just being fitted for a face! I used an old grain sack.

After stitching a nose made from a bandanna and a mouth made from felt, Jake's personality begins to emerge.

Hellooooo Jake!!!

Jake's hands are stuffed with straw and he is now wearing a straw wig. The rest of the bandanna becomes a pocket square and check out his leather thrift shop braces (suspenders). After Jake finds his Fall throne I will post pics of his regal self!! Dr. Jakenstein has done it again!!!

Here are some new Fall magazines I found at the grocery store today.

Btw....I am updating the blog for Fall so expect a new look very soon!

As you can see we are having a few technical difficulties which will be remedied soon!


What a great way to make a scarecrow! He came out really good and it´s not often one can say butt head without being offensive :-) :-)
Have a great day now!
Dede said…
He really has personality! Love it! I left something on my blog for you. Hope it enjoy it!
Is there NOTHING that panty hose can't do? Jake is one cool-lookin' dude. (Gary Sinise, LOL!)
Hibiscus Moon said…
Ooooo, a magazine junkie like me. I've been on the wagon lately but fall always gets me!
Touchatou said…
Hello Jake ! Nice meeting you !

What a gentle face he has ! Are you sure he will scare anyone ? lol

Very nice and so simple when it is you doing it ! Thanks a lot, dear. ;)
Renee said…
I think he is quite a cheerful scarecrow.

What an interesting blog.

Renee xoxo
Sorry about the cat bowling, Jaz (*cackle*)!
Pricilla said…
Awww, does he have a cardinal on his shoulder or is that his heart?
Anonymous said…
Thank goodness he has a smile, he was looking pretty scary for me!
Thanks for your comment on the journaling. Once my life is in better order, I will try my hand at it again.
Dia said…
Oh, what a great 'tutorial' on creating a scarecrow!! Jake is a delight.
In one of my cottage garden books, the author talks about the scarecrows she saw in France that were wearing vintage clothes, big skirts, hats . . . I so want to do one like that!! Will keep you 'posted' :)
I'm sending a link to this post to my dau-in law - think she & her kids would enjoy making one!!
Rue said…
Jake is a joy! Love the new 'look' of your blog. So Autumn-y! Gets me in the Fall frame of mind....
Autumnforest said…
He lives! The monster lives! Creeps and giggles--that was fantastic!
The Frog Queen said…
That scarecrow is perfect! Thanks for sharing him with us.