Spooky Books and Creepy People

I own a very, very rare 1st edition of The Equinox by Aleister Crowley. These were published in 1906. I purchased these from a book dealer in Australia and hand carried them back to the States.

Aleister Crowley studied all things mystical and occult and wrote journals about all of it. These were combined and published as the Equinox.

You can see the publishers date here in Roman Numerals.

The table of contents for the first volume.

Aleister was quite a dope addict. He was a heroin addict. At the end of his life his doctor refused to prescribe more heroin for him. Aleister put a curse on the doctor and the two died within an hour of each other.

He was called the most evil man alive.

He led a life as full of debauchery as possible. They celebrated his death with a black mass.

This is a rare book on Freemasonry.

The Freemasons are a fraternal organization formed in the 16th century. There are over 5 million in the United States alone. They exist all over the world. They are a very secret society. Almost every president of the United States up until JFK was a Freemason....gets you to thinking, eh?

Publishers mark

Beginning of chapter one.

It looks like the Freemasons have not always been tolerated!

This is a copy of another very rare book, The Grand Grimoire. The original dates back to 1522. A grimoire is a textbook of magic.

It is still the bible for the Voodoo and Santeria religions.

Two illustrations of Lucifer.

A book on Gypsy Sorcery

Gypsies are still prevalent the world over.

They live by their own set of rules.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of these rare and unusual books and maybe it will up your creep factor and start putting you in a Halloween mode!!!


Fascinating books! Thanks for the peek!
mrsb said…
Wow! What a great share!
I can´t but be fascinated of Your books! I´m a bit surprised that they were allowed to be printed, there have been times when those books would have been burned (well I think many people even today would like to do that). But I´m glad that they have survived.
Have a great day now!
The Frog Queen said…
Those are amazing. What a great collection. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Pricilla said…
I'm telling you...a museum!
Bella Foxglove said…
Oh my, what PHENOMENAL books!

I love books and these, oh I wish I had them! So very amazing, and thank you for sharing this amazing post!!!

Rare books are amazing, and these that you have are even more special!
magikalseasons said…
Wow amazing! Thanks for sharing. I think I have a similar Gypsy Sorcery book but it's not an original like yours. Fasinating reads I bet! :) Becca
Jeanne said…
What treasures! Books are one of my weaknesses. I can only imagine how great they were to read. My husband is a Free Mason.
Thank you for sharing.
PumpkinBrain said…
Wow! These are amazing books you have there. Thanks for sharing.
wow, that's a cool collection of very interesting books!
I couldn't help laughing at the story of Aleister putting a spell on his doctor and then both dying!
Your collection never ceases to amaze me. Even Boris Balkan (the 9th gate) would be jealous of it. Who knows, maybe Johnny Depp will show up one day.
Judith said…
Ohhhhh, someone who loves books like me! I'm totaly jelous with your finds!!! :)
Touchatou said…
Enjoy your collection ??? For a book addict like me, this is the Grail of books you have there ! I am speechless !
Elizabeth said…
Wow! You are quite a collector!
oooh, rare books! have you attempted any of the magick in any of them?
Raven_Nightwind said…
Those are beautiful books indeed. I must say I am always in the mood for halloween. Thank you for posting this.
I am a huge book lover. I collect Children's Halloween books and Halloween books in general. But I HAVE to actually like them. I won't buy them if they don't interest me in some way. I'm very visual, so the artwork is always imperative for me. But I also adore OLD books, especially on the same subjects that you have here. These are incredible. I could probably sit in your house for hours and hours just going through all the books and collectibles...ha!

A friend of mine from New England gave me an old Aleister Crowley Tarot deck in the box, with an accompanying Book of Thoth. Paperback version 1974. Nothing super old, but I love them just the same. I'll have to post pics one day. And yes....Crowley was a indeed a wicked man! But I love to read about old occult stuff. I'm a Leo, but maybe it's my rising sign of Scorpio that peaks that interest in me. :o)