Thrift Store Propaganda

Oh Boy.

I found this at a thrift store yesterday. After 300 years this is the best they can come up with?

At least 99% of everyone I know has celebrated Halloween at one point in their lives and I don't know one satanist.

The Fall flowering clematis is in full bloom.

Please dear Tomato Goddess...shed some red!!!!

These Tree Peonies just fascinate me.

They look like a wound.

My first purple pepper.

And my first green one.



Peach tomato



Yellow grape tomatoes

Eggplants...these are the only veggies that are producing.

So get out there and celebrate Halloween. And if the devil steals your soul....well, shit happens!


Autumnforest said…
At the bottom of their notice it should have read "written by Satan, promoted by the ignorant." People can be so amazingly medieval.
Rue said…
LOL - this is too funny. And sad, really. Whatever - bring on the apocalypse - I'll be the one carving pumpkins and cuddling my black cat - I'm sure satan will find me....LOL!

Blessings of abundance to your lovely garden!
Laurie said…
This kind of stuff makes my stomach turn.
People like this have no clue and don't want to read about the origins of Halloween or any other holiday. I wonder if they put up a Christmas tree??
Your clematis is lovely, most of our tomatoes are a sorry lot. I really want a tomato and mayonnaise sandwich right now!
The thing is that satanists doesn´t worship anything but them selves. It´s devils worshipers that they actully mean. They didn´t even get that right :-)

Great pictures today! Your tomatoes has color, mine doesn´t :-)
Have a great day now!
magikalseasons said…
I have met people like the books authors. If you ask them if they trick or treated as childern the answer is often yes. Fun and good for them but a no, no for their kids. I just don't get that.
Your garden pics are great! I wish I had eggplants. Maybe next year. :)
Bella Foxglove said…
*Shakes head over book* Morons.

Your garden is producing much like mine. I planted a zillion things, and the only things that have done anything are the various tomatoes, eggplant, and a few beans.

My purple peppers did not flourish this year, but I have gotten a handful of nice green bells, and several banana and hot peppers.

Thanks for sharing!
Those tree peonies are freaking me out!! But I can't seem to look away!

And that book - UGH, seriously?? It's ignorance like that that fuels the hate.
mrsb said…
Oh, gorgeous pictures!

The book? Good gosh! Gotta pity the ignorant (or alternately shake them 'til their teeth rattle, lol!).
The Frog Queen said…
Oh, I have that same clematis, but mine is not blooming yet!! Thanks for the sneak peek of days to come. :)

Yea, I don't believe in burning books....but for that one I might make an exception :D

Thanks for sharing.

Illustrated Ink said…
Lol! All I can do is laugh when I see something like that! How sad that their lives are filled with such fear. I feel bad for their kids that won't get to enjoy the simple joy of dressing up on Halloween and the fun that goes with the holliday.
I have a black kitty that I always keep inside on Halloween, for fear that some ignorant weirdo will try to hurt him. Well, we won't let those sillies spoil our magical (and by that I mean Satanic, of course)Halloween fun!
Dede said…
The Tree Peonies are gorgeous! I have never seen them before. The Clematis in full bloom! Is there a scratch and sniff option here? LOL As for the book, shake it off.
Touchatou said…
Halloween is evil... argh argh argh (devilish laughter) Tree peonies are evil... argh argh argh... Red tomatoes are evil... argh argh argh... You get the point ! ;)

I don't know if I should laugh or wail... I remember ladies were burnt to death with that kind of thinking... I should definitely wail !
Wow...I know people who believe like that and it irks me to no end! But I never dreamed someone would write a whole book dedicated to demonizing and Satanizing Hallowe'en! As with everything in the world...things are what you make of them, and what you believe them to be. Perception is so subjective...just like why do so many humans spend their lives trying to force other people's realities into one of their own liking and approval?!

On a separate note...the 'wound' description is a very graphic description that is so amazingly accurate...ha! I never would come up with that on my own...but it is such an accurate comparison. Eeeww! :o)
Jeanne said…
We have something similar to that at some of our local thrift stores.
We put up a large Halloween display every year in our yard. We get visits from 'missionaries' from the the local churches shortly after the display goes up. My husband loves to debate religion with them. You would think after all these years, they would give up.....
chib said…
Comment from Autumnforest made me laugh!
Pricilla said…
All our tomatoes are still red and frost will soon be upon us. We will probably do what we did last year; take the green ones off the plant, put them in a box in the dark. Wait a month and THEN we will have red tomatoes. *sigh*