Thrift Stores....Where We All End Up When We die

I think I bought a dead persons owl collection. I walked into a thrift store yesterday and found an entire collection of owls.

I also found this bag marked $3.95.

This was inside the bag.

As was this weird little shell owl.

This little gray guy.....

hides your house keys.

How did this interloper get in here? An owl in duck's clothing!

A slag glass owl....

which is a bell.

This guy was also in the bag.

And this mother owl as well.

This guy is a real cutie! That makes 7 owls and a duck for 3.95.

I don't really want an owl collection.

But the most expensive of all of these was $4.95.

Most of them were priced at $1.95.

So I decided it was time to take all of the summer things out of the potting table birdcage...

And turn it into an owl cage for Fall. (click to enlarge)

This group went into the new bird feeder.

The others found perches in the cage.

They joined the two I found last week.

Even the toads came off of the 'toad stool'. Now the owls are perching there.

A new Fall appropriate look. And considering they are from a dead person....PERFECT!!!!! I know I will someday end up in a thrift store. It seems right considering the time I spend at them. If I can end up being someones Fall/Halloween decoration, then my life has been worth while!

For anyone on a diet, make sure to check out the next post!


Judith said…
Watch it! Now your friends will see your owls.. and say "oh, she collects owls!" that happened to me with a cow butter dish, 5 years later I had more cows then a farm!!!!!! And I realy HATE COWS!!!
Autumnforest said…
I love the idea of an owl cage. I always wanted to get a bunch of real-life-sized large ones and put them in a tree on the limbs so there's always owls in my tree. We used to have one living in ours but he moved on. I miss that guy!
Is that a cat statue in the big birdhouse with all your owls? Its eyes seem to glow!
Pricilla said…
You, my friend, will end up in a museum! I keep saying that!

owly, owly outsen free! heh heh
The top one, the grey one and the slag glass bell is my favourites! But all, even the one made of shells are great! But thinking of it, I can´t recall seeing that many different owls over here. But now seeing Yours I´ll probably see tem everywhere :-)
Have a great day now!
Illustrated Ink said…
Yes, I too have thought that with some thrift store purchases. I once bought a skunk collection, that I'm sure someone had dearly loved before they passed on. One was a skunk in boxing gloves that I adored, until I broke him. Sigh.:(
Your owls look great in the birdcage, what a cool idea!
Ha Ha....that is great. I just so happen to LOVE Owls. And I have a bit of a collection myself. I never intended to, but when I see one that is different or unique, I have to get it. I collect Owl Necklaces as well. Owls look great at Halloween, but I keep mine out all year by mixing them in with other Gypsy/Witchy looking arrangements around the house. I especially like your Owl bell and the key hiding Owl. And I think that is a perfect thing you did with the cage. Some of my newest artwork I've been doing is Owl themed as well. I'll be sharing it soon. Oh...and I laughed at that 'interloper' comment, very funny! I think you got it right, we will all end up at a thrift store, or museum in your case...ha! And to get a dead person's owl collection makes you a very lucky lady on this fine Tuesday! Be well! :o)
The Frog Queen said…
What a lovely display, and one of the best blog headings I have ever read! Thanks for sharing your creativity.

I am suddenly thinking I want nothing more than an owl collection. This morning my best friend sent me a picture of her new owl journal. Sometimes these weird coincidences speak to me.
great idea! I love what you did with the owls. Tammy
Touchatou said…
Ahhh to think someday someone will cherish my things the way you cherish that dead person things... sigh... If it were not for you, I would feel quite lonely with my precious things. Nobody around me likes them ! lol
Laurie said…
That's a bunch of owls, want one or not, I think you have an owl collection! I want one like Hedwig! I have one owl, a little wooden whiste that I got at a craft fair last year.
Rue said…
Oh, I love the cage full of owls - sweet and also somewhat creepy. Perfect!
Touchatou said…
Hello, dear !
Have you changed your e-mail adress ? I wrote to you last week and today to tell you for the house.
Martha said…
Cute bunch of owls but what I admire most is the cage. Where oh where did you ever find that?
Bella Foxglove said…
This post is my new fav. Owls are a totem of mine, a newer one, and I LOVE them, so when I saw all the pics I got all tingly and a made a few "I want" noises lol.

I love the mother owl set. What you did with them, the cages and the birdhouse, is just wonderful!

You are so very creative!
Oh, what a lovely collection. I have a few owls and a very cute one on my shoulder! Love the birdcage.
Jeanne said…
Of fun! Hubby love owls. Have quite a few ourselves. They look quite at home in the cage.
Score on the owls! My youngest and I LOVE them too. Love your thought on how we all end up in a thrift store!

Lisa :)
owls owl owls, love love love!!!