A Trip to the Country

The Zoar Store...how cute is that? This town was sooooo cool. It is so well preserved and many of the original houses are still lived in. You can walk around the historic part of town and enter many of the homes. We took so many pictures that I will post them bit by bit over the next couple of days. For today I will show you exterior shots of a lot of the buildings.

Click to enlarge so you can read this.

Since this was a festival weekend a lot of places set up sales outside.

This fence is covered with Concord Grapes.

This is the old print shop.

One of the houses. Many of them are log cabins.

Funny sign!

This community gardens were wonderful.

And huge. All kinds of volunteers from the town help out here.

Heavy German influence.

Old German Fachwerk house.


Jami said…
EVERYTHING about this blog makes me sigh in contented happiness! *sigh*
looks lovely and quaint; love the signs
Pricilla said…
I think I have been there...not completely sure but the name sounds familiar. We went a lot of places when we were traveling in the fifth wheel. Looks like you had a grand time.
What a beautiful little town! That´s a place I really would like to visit. Don´t think we have anything like it over here.
Have a great day now!
greekwitch said…
Thi was sooo lovely. The cottage house, the flowers on the fence, the wonderful gardens.. just breathtaking. I am so happy you had such a good time.
Touchatou said…
Ahhh that's how I imagine old America ! It is so different from Canada. And the pink school is ssoooooo cute !