Another Place I Never Have To Go To Again AND The Apple Pie Recipe

Today is the first day I have noticed a bit of improvement in Teddy. She was happy to see mums and pumpkins! She gets excited this time of the year too. I think she picks up on my energy. Plus, she loves laying outside at night when it is cool and I have a fire burning. first pumpkins. And nice ones too. I found a place that sells every variety of pumpkin and gourd you could want. I bought a bunch of mums and ran out of room in the car so I will be going back there soon. Check out the cement toadstools.

Look at the color on this one. I really like the green ones and the white ones too.

The cement toadstools have a metal rod sticking out of the bottom so they can be staked in the ground or as I did here, a bale of hay.

Remember the orange Staub pumpkin roaster I posted a few days ago? As I was photographing it I was thinking how I don't use it all the much because of the size. It is 3.5 quarts. So I decided to buy this bigger green one which is 5 quarts. Now I can make soups and stews in this and make side dishes in the smaller one. These are wonderful. They are heavy and have non stick interiors, not to mention that they look like.....PUMPKINS!!!!!!

As I was leaving for the flea market this morning guess who came up to the gate? I almost didn't go. Look at that face!

In retrospect I should have stayed home. Bummer of a flea market.

The first thing I saw was a really creepy clown. Eewwwwww!!!

And lots of funky dolls.

They weren't exactly packing them in at the snack bar either.

Except for table of the old timers who I bet are there every weekend.

But I bought my dream come true. A snazzy yellow pickup truck. Problem is, I can't fit into it.

I also found black jacks which I actually have been looking for recently and could not find them anywhere. This is black jack season after all.

I really love this little guy. I want a life sized one! VRoooooom VRoooooom

And they had PUMPKINS!!!!! So, it wasn't such a bad trip after all.

The apple pie recipe follows.


Fine pictures of that great arrangement You´ve donne! I haven´t seen any pumpkins in our stores yet though, but there will surly be something closer to Halloween.

That sure was a creepy looking clown :-) I wouldn´t want to met him when it´s dark outside :-) :-) :-)

I´m so glad that Teddy shows signs of improvement!
Have a great day now!
Autumnforest said…
Can I be adopted? I'll sleep on Teddy's bed with her. I love your atmosphere. I promised hubby I wouldn't put up Halloween until my B-day on the 17th this month. Even then, he gets upset it's up for over a month. He just doesn't get it! I LOVE the toadstools. I thought about sculpting some huge ones for my garden. I have kind of an aged cottage garden with Celtic hints here and there and I think having giant toadstools in groups here and there would give mystical proportions like an enchanted if anything in the desert could be enchanted... I'm so thrilled for Teddy--she's a trooper. This is her season--the one made for her fur. :-)
Pricilla said…
I am so very happy that Teddy is feeling better. That is the best news of the day.

My herd has increased! I won't tell you by what or how many in case you want to enter the contest on the blog. Fortunately she did kid at around 8PM last night so we weren't up at all hours which was nice.

The pie looks scrumptious!
Anna said…
I just love it when the first pumpkins come out! So glad Teddy is doing better. I know how it is when one of the fur babies get sick. That flea market looks like the auction I went to last night. You sure you aren't in NC :)? Love the truck! I want one like that too, just a lot bigger as well.
Rue said…
Yay - Teddy is perking up for the Fall! I could see my breath this morning on my walk - so nice cool weather is around the corner.

I bought some gourds and my first pumpkin at the farmers market today! Happy Day!

What's with clown-guy? Totally creepy. Maybe he thinks he looks good?
VintageSage said…
Okay yea clowns are just a no no in my book. CREEPY!! Childhood scary nightmare creepy! LOL. I'm so glad Teddy is feeling better. Teddy is so flippin' adorable!! I would never leave if I saw that sad face sitting at the gate. :)
Touchatou said…
Yeah !!! Teddy is looking good ! So is that nice pumpkin pot. ;)
Dede said…
I am thrilled that Teddy is feeling better! How could you leave that face at the gate? Aww, poor Teddy finally feeling better and stuck at home, all alone. LOL Sounds like you are feeling much better too!
Laurie said…
So glad Teddy is doing better.
I really love those white pumpkins ~ they would look great in front of our pink cottage.
What the heck are black jacks??