Country Living Fair Part Deux

Can you imagine how much I liked this when I saw it? I almost rolled in it.

I will definitely be traveling here next year.

This is a juried show so only the finest artisans are accepted.

That Headless Horseman sculpture is made from metal and copper and costs 1800.00. She had wonderful things.

There was lots of good food and I thought this booth was so cute.

Lots of Santas and Christmas items were on display.

Fabric pumpkins.

Bark pumpkins.

This woman makes cake stands and compotes by gluing old glass candlesticks and plates together. This is a great way to use thrift store items or to recycle any old pieces you have at home.

I love this cart.

Hot fudge sauce and repro Halloween items. Great combo!

A wall made from dried gourds.

Gothic favorite.

How cute is this lemonade stand. Couldn't you just squeeze it. Sorry, bad joke.

This is my market cart. It drew quite a lot of attention at the fair. Women flocked to it asking me where I got it.

After the fair we headed to Columbus's North Market for something to eat and a bit of shopping.

This market is small but has a wonderful assortment of things.

See those stools straight ahead on the right. We are about to plop down on them and....

eat the best Pho I have ever had. The man that makes this marvel uses the freshest ingredients. The Thai Basil is almost jumping out of the bowl. YUM!!!

Here are some of the things I bought at the fair. These are some of the nicest "new" witch decorations I have come across in quite a while.

She looks remarkably like the Salem Witch. Very nice detail!

I picked up a couple new brooms. This one has a natural handle.

And this one has a black handle. Hey, the holidays are coming and I needed some new wheels!

I added to my redware collection. This is redware pottery by Cazan.

She had so many to choose from it was hard to make a decision.

Of course, it was easy to decide to buy the black cat.

I grabbed this cute little Halloween pillow.

My son and I spotted this sign at the same time and knew we had to buy it.

Hope you enjoyed the fair! Tomorrow I will show you what I did with the new redware.

*Halloween memories: We always had a gallon jug of apple cider sitting just outside the kitchen door during the fall. The cool weather kept it at just the right temperature. At least that worked for a while because I also remember spitting out apple cider that had turned to hard cider!


Tammy said…
Oh wow...I've got to make it to this fair next year!

I've so enjoyed seeing all that you've shared, thank you so much!☺
Maybe I'll save my Christmas money this year and fly out for next year's fair- It looks LOVELY!
I really enjoyed following You on this fair! As I said yesterday, I wish I could have gone there myself.

Great things You bought! I really like that sign!
Have a great day now!
Laura said…
I love the crow plate. It is so pretty! The whole trip must have been so wonderful.
Touchatou said…
So much things to comment on ! Your pictures are full of colors and so nice ! The heap of pumpkings is just fantastic.

The owls in the boot of the headless horseman are so cute ! Love the bark pumpkins too !

The lady had a good idea to recycle her dishes, I like the idea a lot. Makes my head running in a frenzy to see what I could do. ;)

Gothic architecture is ma favorite too. I always say that I was not born in the right era. Would miss the plumbing though... lol

Nice cart ! Never saw one of those before. The only wicker furniture we see here is false... plastic or pvc... shame !

Hummmm Thai basil ! So rare up here, we cannot find it everywhere. But I love it. An explosion of taste.

You got fine new pieces there : love the new witches and the cushion and dishes. But my favorite is the sign ! Love it !

Kisses and hugs, dear. Thanks for all the pics.
Anonymous said…
Wish I could have hopped on my besom and joined you.
That looks a great place to's awfully dull round here...more life in a tramps vest!
Ohhhh!!! Everything looks so FALL! Just loved it! Thank you fo sharing it with us :)
Pricilla said…
WHAT?! No new pumpkins?! I am shocked! Shocked I say.

I love the black cat and the redware crow.

How is Teddy?
Callie said…
Love everything, especially the sign and the pillow.
I just went on a virtual stroll through the Fall Fair with fab! I loved the Headless Horseman statue and all the owls she had in her booth. I'm a big Owl nut! Also loved the Crow Plate and an REALLY digging' the Pumpkin Head Man sign. I want one of those! Great finds...thanks so much for taking us along with you! :o)
Looks like you had a fabulous time! Thanks for taking us along via the magick of digital photography!
Boy you get out a lot.

Coffee is on.
Aussiemade said…
Maybe one day Jaz I wwill get to experience a geat market like this. We do have some good ones in fact there is a very good craft one in the north of the island next month. Not sure if we will get to it though. I like Christer live and enjoy your experiences.

I am so sorry to hear Teddy is still not good and now this ACL. My thoughts are with you all. Poor Teddy no playing and fun!
Guillaume said…
I wished I had been there. Love the pumpkins, the witch and the Jack O'Lantern with the full body on, not just the lantern/head. That's how I imagined Jack O'Lantern to be really.