A Decorated Halloween Mantel From Found Objects

I've decorated the first Halloween Mantel using all the things I have been picking up at the thrift shops. Click for a closer look.

Do you recognize any of the transformed objects?

These formidable mascaraders used to be...

Remember these masks?

And these two busts?

One of the gold candlesticks...

...became a pumpkin holder.

Remember this old "Americana" candlestick?

A bit of paint and it holds a white pumpkin too.

These old mirrors....

Are placed at the back of the arrangement on each side. The metal leaves I found a while back add a nice fall touch. One of the framed prints carries the Halloween theme. All so easy and CHEAP!!!

A pumpkin pie recipe will follow soon. I am off to the thrift stores and will post the pie recipe when I return!


Yart said…
Absolutely beautiful! You truly have an eye for detail.
mrsb said…
That is awesome! I love how you've renewed things into great Halloween decor!
Laura said…
i love your decorations... so beautiful!
enjoy your thrifting
Anonymous said…
I'm in love with it! I wish I could do this, no thrift shop where I live, bleh.....I love it! It's FAB! And I'm in love with your chandelier too! *drool*

Dede said…
The mantel is gorgeous! The gold and black are beautiful! Love what you have done.
magikalseasons said…
Very classy Halloween mantle! :)
It's absolutely fabulous Jaz! I love, love, love it! You did a splendid job! As good as anything in Martha Stewart's mag! :o)
Jeanne said…
Everything has come together so wonderfully! You have a good eye for arrangements!
That looks really great! You have a feeling for decorating I see!

The pumpkin pie is something I´m curious about. I´ve never eaten any, ever :-) Is it some kind of desert or like dinner?
Have a great day now!
PERFECT! You are so clever and crafty! I love it :)
Rue said…
Oh, this is wonderful! A very haunting mantle!
Laurie said…
Your mantel is stunning! I espcially love how you used the "Americana" candlestick with the raven on top of the pumpkin.

I can't find blackjacks around here. A shame since I love licorce/anise flavored candy.
greekwitch said…
You ate so creative. By the way i had neverhad pumpkin pie but i will definitely try it. I loved the decorations on top!
Touchatou said…
Love the black bird on the pumpkin !! I like the way you put touches of black (bird, candles, figurines) to make everything else look so rich. And those leaves are gorgeous. Ah the talent you have !
Kisses, Lulu
Bella Foxglove said…
Oh this is so awesome! I love how you transformed everything. Great job!
Autumnforest said…
That's a classy gothic looking Halloween setting. Beautiful!
Pricilla said…
It looks wonderful. Now I can't wait to see Christmas!
BelladonnasJoy said…
Your mantle is awesome! Unless you laid it out for me, I would not have been able to recognize all the indiviual items. I absolutely love your style. Are you sure you weren't born on Halloween?
I found my way here through VV's blog and one look into those soulful eyes of the Chow and I had to visit.
The mantle is lovely and your RR&R (reduce, reuse, recycle) ways are perfect for Mother Earth.
The pumpkin pie is a winner too!