Do You Want to See Venus?


Lemon Grass

Morning Glory

Autumn Sedum

Persian Ivy

Fall Flowering Clematis

Ripening Tomato

Nasturtium bud


Just a bit of what is happening in my garden right now.

I bought these cute maple leaf glasses at a thrift shop for $2.00. I like to serve soup in small glasses at my Fall parties. I pass it around as appetizers and it is easy to drink right out of the glass. I usually make a couple different kinds so there is variety. I make types that people have never had but are always popular. Peanut soup is a huge hit.

Check out these cupcake liners I found.

These are my new favorites.

Now I have to figure out what sort of cupcakes I want to fill them with.

Something especially ghoulish I think.

As promised, here is Venus. Next time I will try to get a bit closer!


Wonderful Pictures! I´ve never seen that kind of eggplant before! I´ve never tried lemon grass or even eaten it, but I know it tastes very good.

Those cup cake liners are relly great! I´ve never seen anything like that over here!

They said that we could have seen the space station this morning, but naturally the sky was cloudy so I missed it.
Have a great day now!
Autumnforest said…
I grew up in Virginia and peanut soup was always a hit. I make a chicken pumpkin soup every Halloween. Yum! Great idea with the glasses. I bet your garden smells wonderful. Mine smells like dry caked dirt since we got almost no rain this summer, but thankfully the hurricane will give us some much-needed rain. Poor garden. I leave it alone in the summer and just water it. It's so hot, the plants burn, so each year I learn what will and won't survive the summer here. It's so nice to see what you can grow--lucky girl!
Felinae said…
Very nice pictures :D

I love those cup cake liners.

Have a great day!

VintageSage said…
What a garden! I am so terrible with plants and I shouldn't be! I'm going to have to learn from you. :) Love those maple cups and those cupcake liners...adorable!!


clairedulalune said…
Your garden is beautiful! I do try my best with my plants, but lets just say some days are better than others! Hope all is well!
Love the garden photos! I need those cupcake liners!!
Love the garden! I need those cupcake liners:)
Touchatou said…
Lol Marvelous those cup cake liners ! I will keep my eyes open in case I see some around here !
As always you have great finds.

Coffee is on.
Dede said…
The garden is gorgeous! I love the soup in the small glass idea. Thanks for sharing.
Pricilla said…
I adore the cupcake cups. Now can you send the tomato ripening juju this way please?
Moncha said…
Those cupcake cups are so great, I wish we were more into Halloween in The Netherlands, you can't get things like that here, although I love to celebrate Halloween. The Netherlands are starting to sell things for Halloween, but it isn't very big yet !!
The glasses are so wonderful and I just looooove peanut soup !!!
chib said…
Cupcake liners, wouh! they are exceptional
I read the comment of Pricilla, Juju in swahili means voodoo!