Fall is Officially Here

My pumpkin pile continues to grow.

I replaced the tomato plants with mums in the planters. Notice one cherry tomato bent over the edge of the planter. It continues to produce yellow pear tomatoes so it was spared.

A pile of cornstalks ready to use in decorating. My cornstalks are always green when they go up and then look like these after Thanksgiving. We have had so little rain that the corn dried out early this year.

The magnolia leaves are changing.

Even the arborvitaes are dropping leaves. It is surprising how many leaves these evergreens lose in the Fall.

The oak leaf hydrangeas have turned brown.

And the maples are starting to turn red.

The pool is about to be closed for the season. I don't think anyone stuck as much as a toe in there this year!

The tomatillos are ready to be harvested.

Of all the things I planted this year, these have been the most prolific. I have no idea what I am going to do with them. This is the first year that I grew them.

*Halloween Memories: Well, sort of. When I was a little girl, I really wanted to be a cowboy. I wore cowboy boots all the time. I had my little fringed vest and my cowboy hat that hung down my back when it wasn't sitting on my head. I think I had two pairs of shoes, my Sunday black patent leather Mary Janes and my cowboy boots. I also wore a deadly pair of six shooters.There used to be men that would come through the neighborhood with a horse and charge you to sit on it while they took your picture. I was always ready for them. I dressed like this all year long but especially for Halloween. I guess I stopped wearing cowboy boots when I was about 8 or 9. Being from the Northeast, cowboy boots are not something you regularly see. When you do see them, that person is immediately put into the Country Western category. However, I never lost my fondness for cowboy boots. From time to time I would peruse shoe sites, checking them out. A couple years ago, my son and I went to Nashville, Tennessee. He got a pair of black boots but I could not seem to find a pair I liked. Over the years I did narrow down the brand I wanted...Lucchese! Made in Texas. It would be absolutely sacrilegious to buy cowboy boots that were made outside of the USA. One morning about a week ago I turned on my computer to find an add for a huge sale on Lucchese boots. It was an omen. I bought my first pair of cowboy boots in almost 50 years. And I am not just going to wear them on Halloween!

Ahhhhhhh....cowboy boots!!!!!! I am home again. I did not get the pointy toes. Though I am a big fan of Patsy Cline, John Prine, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, I don't consider myself "country" and don't want to be labeled as such. I don't think I could escape that if I wore pointy toes.

Caymen crocodile. And far too clean. I have to find some horse crap and kick around in it for a while.

And made in the great state of TEXAS!!! Yippee Yi Yo Yi Yay....partner!!!

Teddy update. She is showing little improvement. She has to be on a leash to pee and poo and then lay right back down. Surprisingly, she seems to have acclimated herself to this routine. I have read everything I can find on ACL injuries and this is going to be a very long, slow process to get her back to where she needs to be to have any kind of freedom. I am still having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that this happened in the new "state of the art" veterinary hospital! damn!!!!


Without pointy toes on your cowboy boots, you can't kick the eyes out of any snakes. But even with square toes, you can still kick ass and that's all that matters, pardner!
I love Your pumpkin pile! It looks so great! We are a bit ahead on autumn here as You know and now we have a rather cool weather too.

Poor Teddy and poor You! It´s not easy when ones pest are sick and one can´t do much to help. But it´s good to hear that Teddy is adapting to her new lifestyle!
Take care and have a great day now!
Autumnforest said…
If the ACL injury is like it is for adults, it will take a couple months probably. Well, Teddy has an indominable spirit, so she plugs on. What a good pup! This must be her kind of weather now, huh? I hated having our chow chow and samoyed in Arizona--they were not built for it. Ah, the Halloween memories. I always liked to be a gypsy best. I grew up in the conservative D.C. area and no one was New-Age-like, so it was one time of the year I could put on flowing skirts and top, tons of jewelry, and let my hair go wild. It felt like a little rebellion and now it's part of my spirit every day. I'll never disown who I am, no matter where I live (coincidentally, I'm in Phoenix AZ--conservative again!) Yikes!
The Frog Queen said…
Poor Teddy. I hope he gets better soon. I cannot even imagine how frustrating that must be.

Thanks for sharing your Halloween story, that was very sweet and I love hearing that it is coming full circle this year!!! :)

Callie said…
Great boots! I love tomatillos and use them when I make salsa. Glad to hear Teddy is getting along.
Anet said…
Most interesting blog I've read in some time!
I love all your thrifty finds and your Halloween collection.
Hope your cute little Teddy feel like her old self real soon!
VintageSage said…
Hi Jaz! I have nominated you for an award at the Vintage Sage! Come by if you wanna play. Love your Fall pictures and decorations!! Those boots are awesome. Poor, poor Teddy. I will keep him in my prayers. Oh I just wanna give him a big healing HUG!!

Gosh...I hate to tune in over here and learn that Miss Teddy is still under the weather...poor baby! That has to be beyond frustrating for you all! I'll keep sending her those positive vibes. Also just wanted to say that I love your pumpkins...Fall is indeed here! :o)
Rue said…
Healing hugs to Teddy - I hope she bounces back soon!