Getting Ready for Halloween

Thinking of pumpkins yesterday reminded me to get my pumpkin carving tools out. I am ready!

A French Day of the Dead witch.

Remember this cheap frame from my thrift trip the other day?

A Halloween decoration now.

Yikes! When I think of all I still have to do I feel like these two. If you look closely you will see they are actually holding their heads off of their bodies. These are hand carved.

Slowly the witches are taking their places around the house.

These are heavy metal (hehe) pieces from Germany.

Three mini Halloween characters.


Rue said…
Wow - I love your pumpkin carving tool kit - you look like you are a surgeon!
When thinking of all things You have I understand that You can feel stressed to get everything in order to Halloween :-) Great things You show today! I really like the first witch and the two figurines holding their own heads in the air.
Have a great day now!
clairedulalune said…
These items are gorgeous! It is all coming to together for you! Big fella and I were just talking about pumpkins yesterday, we are now on the lookout! By the way, I realise you were asking about conkers in an earlier post of mine. I will collect some and tell you all soon!
Autumnforest said…
I adore the witch holding the pumpkin--the movement in it is so cool. What a pumpkin carving kit! I always make-do with the plastic awful ones in the kits in the stores and then use my own knives. Last year, I hijacked my son's wood carving kit and it worked well. Can't wait to see what you carve up!
The Frog Queen said…
Wow, great stuff! Is that really a kit for carving pumpkins??? I bow to your awesomeness!!

mrsb said…
Holy crap! Those are some serious pumpkin carving tools!!
Pricilla said…
I also say holy crap! I can't believe your carving kit. You should hire out. You could probably make a fortune!
Hibiscus Moon said…
That spider in the frame turned out wonderfully! I really like the pumpkin family too. :)
Hubby thought we should look at the corn in the garden it see what kind of fall decoration we could put out around the place.

Coffee is on.
Dede said…
WOW! That is some pumpkin carving kit! Love the witches, they are just awesome!
Patty said…
Oh wow look at that kit. I can't wait to see the pumpkins! I love the witches and spider frame. I have a wooden witch very similar to the single one holding the pumpkin with her cape flying out behind her. I use to keep my witches out year round, but somehow over the years got in the habit of packing them away. Maybe I will get mine out soon.
Jeanne said…
WOW! What a surgical kit! You're definitely ready to do some carving. And love the collection of Pumpkins, Witches and Halloween Mini Characters!