Halloween Haunted House part II

I tried to get better pictures of the house for today's post. The detail on some of yesterday's were a bit fuzzy. I didn't realize I had not put the house out in a few years and it was quite entertaining to observe my adult kids reaction to seeing it again. They helped to put everything in it's place and reminisced about their haunted house memories.

Aren't these trick or treaters cute?

Here they are without their masks.

Doesn't someone always come along and smash your Jack O'Lanterns?

There is something about pumpkins that makes kids want to smash them. I guess it is just part of Halloween.

The leaf rake is by the front door.

A black cat sits in a box of leaves with a pumpkin and a Jack O'Lantern.

A spider web stretches across a window.

A ghost hangs from the roof just above eyes peering out of the window.

A witch left her hat hooked on the fence.

A raccoon is perched on the roof.

The Headless Horseman rides by.

The table is set for a Halloween feast. There is a bowl of candy, a ghost cupcake and someone has already cut a piece of the pumpkin pie.

Assorted Halloween candy

The Phantom of the Opera costume and a clown costume are ready to be donned.

Tarot cards and more treats.

Pumpkin carving is so messy.

Bat punch and caramel apples and a sheet cake....get it....ghost/sheet. Bad pun!
Cookie dough and frosting

Potion making ingredients

And a movie to watch in the evening...Dracula, of course.

It looks like a murder occurred here.

The body was dragged from the room.

It appears that it's head hit every step on the way down.

A full trick or treat bag.

The witch must have melted.

Someone ended up in the cauldron.

And someone's head was smashed on the side of the house. See the blood?

Most of the windows have been boarded up.

The sewing table has everything needed to make costumes.

And the cat found some milk to drink.

The leaves have been placed in the trash.

If you look closely there is a snake in the moss on the roof.

The ghosts are dancing.

The tree is decorated for Halloween.

KEEP OUT!!!!!!


This is AMAZING! You are so talented :) Someday I want to make a haunted house. For now, I'll settle for a scary ginger bread house.
Ancel said…
You are brilliant! Ever give classes?
Pricilla said…
The detail astounds. I am just in awe of your talents.
I am amazed! Every little detail! You have really made a wonderful haunted house! It´s fantastic!
Felinae said…
Wow! what a cool haunted house.

You are quite talented. The attention to detail is amazing!

Have a great day :)

Dede said…
A truly wicked haunted house. So much detail! Awesome job!
Autumnforest said…
That's awesome--the details are incredible! I just want to miniaturize and enter that world and play. It cracked me up because at my front door every year I put a chalk outline of a trick-or-treater with blood around it and even the candies and basket are outlined. hee hee.
Oh my goodness, again, the detail is just amazing to me!

When we lived in Ky we had a neighbor that put out an elaborate pumpkin display and it never failed to get torn up on Halloween night with pumpkins smashed all along the road! :(
Lyon said…
Your haunted house is crazy awesome! The details are so well done and thought out. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog, not only to meet a new blogger but so I could get to see this! lol
Patty said…
Wow, I know now why I was not born with any imagination. The universe gave it all to you. Wonderful house!
SeeThroughGreen said…
oh man oh man! that is so cool! I wouldnt even know where to begin! simply amazing!
PS! I love that you have a practical magig line on your blog! that is AWESOME! and now i must go watch it again..and again......and again lol!
Bridgett said…
The detail is just unforgettable. How long did it take you to make this and come up with all this?

It's just....extraordinary!

The Blob said…
wow that is awesome! I love the look and the good vibe but spooky feeling it has just like old Halloween! I also can not believe all the little details!

I run a website for Yard Haunters if your interested stop by and say hi! http://www.yardhaunters.net
Guillaume said…
I love that haunted house, so precise...
LaLa said…
Mo, I love this!!!