Halloween, Thrifting and Pumpkins

Check this out. With all the thrift shopping I do not much surprises me but this did. This very well made old chair has a brand new rush seat. It looks as though someone left it somewhere to have the seat repaired and then never came back to pick it up. I looked at the price tag and just couldn't believe it.

95 cents???? I actually stood there for about 5 minutes examining it and trying to figure out why it was so cheap until it dawned on me.....just buy it!!!!!!

A mirrored lazy susan. I pick these up whenever I find them because they can be used in so many different ways. This is the first one I've seen with a mirror and I particularly like it because it will reflect whatever I sit on it. 2.95

I found this funky metal tree which again will work wonderfully in a Halloween arrangement. 1.95

This little set of drawers will hold seed packets on my potting shelves. 1.95

I thought I already bought every one of these in existence. I don't like these glass tops on these candle holders but switching them around with other things I have will work very nicely. 2.95

I also buy these whenever I can find them. Most of these held candles at one time. Thrift shops sell these very cheap. They usually cost between 50 cents and 2.00. I use them as pumpkin pedestals after I've painted them. If you use your imagination they can hold all kinds of things.

I have been paying about the same price for these stands and I paint them and use them in all sorts of ways. I only buy the very sturdy ones.

Here is a good example. This old wooden candle holder cost 99 cents. You could still use it to hold a candle....

But you could also turn it upside down to hold a pumpkin or sit a cake plate on it.

Two old tarnished candelabras. 5.00 for the pair. Perfect for Halloween!

When I buy frames I look for solid wood construction and good matting. All of these add up when purchasing them from a store. If I can find a nice frame with a good finish and solid matting for 5.95, I feel I've got a good deal. Often I find them cheaper.

Another heavy pedestal which could be painted any color at all. 1.95

I also thought I owned every owl out there but I guess not. 1.50

I was very happy to find these finials and even happier that they cost 1.95 for the set.

Tarnished silver corn holders. 95 cents for the box. They will polish up nicely.

If you are looking for old Halloween items this is a good tip. I walked into a thrift store yesterday which had a whole table full of Halloween things. Everything was rather new and over priced. This, however, is a blow mold from the 60's and it cost 49 cents. There is a spot in the back for a light bulb. These have become very collectible. Look closely at items which easily blend in with things around them. There were about 15 plastic Jack O'Lanterns sitting around this that had no value.

Two gaudy porcelain maskes which are about to be transformed.

The smaller one is a hand painted mask from New Orleans. These cost less then 1.00 for the pair.

Way back in June when I started thrift shopping I bought a candelabra just like this. I have already painted it and was thrilled to find it's mate which shall be painted and paired with it. 4.95

I bought this frame and mat yesterday for 3.95.

I turned it sideways and used it to frame this rare vintage Halloween postcard.

This is an unused one which makes it even more collectible. I can't believe what these postcards are selling for these days!

And finally...what would a day without pumpkins be? I climbed out on the roof and lined these up on top of my porch.

*Halloween Memories: As kids we all knew which houses gave the best treats and which gave the worst. A woman is our neighborhood passed out a box of cracker jacks topped with a Hershey candy bar, a package of gum and a Tootsie Roll lollipop. We all loved her!


Laurie said…
Wow! That's a bunch of cool stuff you got for not much cash!
Love the tree and the owls

My Mom was one of the favorites because she made homemade candy apples (not carmel) and popcorn balls. Those were the days when you could eat homemade stuff and not worry about it !
magikalseasons said…
Great finds! You scored on the JOL! I love looking through the vintage Halloween items on ebay. I haven't seen that particular one and I've looked at many. We have a local flea market/farmers market every saturday. I need to get up early and get over there. You never know what you'll find. :)
Great findings You´ve made!! That chair was absolutly a high quality find, so cheap! That never happens to me when I´m looking for chairs :-)

The last candelabra was also really nice!
Have a great day now!
Autumnforest said…
Happy Mabon! I love your finds! I used to have a zillion candleholders and people gave me candles for gifts all the time. I now have huge baskets all over the house filled with the candles for storage and they make the rooms smell great if you put them up near the air-conditioner vent. Hee hee.
Tammy said…
Love those pumpkins on the roof...what a clever idea...and I would not polish those corn holders...teehee!
Laura said…
I want to come live at your house! :-)
Happy Fall Blessings to you and yours! Can we get a Teddy update soon?

clairedulalune said…
Fantstic finds once again! You really have the best eye for a bargain! I can not believe the chair was 95 cents! and the pumpkins on your porch? I love it!
Woo hoo! The gods of the thrift store universe have smiled on you today! (Love the funky metal tree and the finials in particular.)
Callie said…
Wonderful finds! Especially love the chair and pumpkin. Such fun.
Mr.Macabre said…
Just found your blog...love it! You capture the essence and feel of Halloween so well!
Rue said…
That chair is such a great find! Even if it was broken, my friend places them in her garden and grows creeping vines on them - they look wonderful! 95 cents!

Love the pumpkins on the roof - I hope you wore a rope...eek!
Touchatou said…
95 cents ? Must be a mistake : it should have been 95 dollars ! It is how much it is sold here ! And 95 cent for silver corn holders ? Amazing ! What do you use finials for ? I don't know that word, I must do a research. ;) But they are so beautiful ! With fleurdelys ! lol And the tree is a great find.