Halloween Transformations

I went thrifting yesterday and found lots of good deals. This basket is huge and was 1.50.

It was 50 % off Wednesday which makes for even more fun. This brand new pedestal is about 30 inches high and was 4.95 before the discount.

It was 45.00 brand new. And the best.....the colors are perfect for fall!

I found this heavy blue bench which I plan to paint. 2.50 after the discount.

A Jack O'Lantern blow mold for 99 cents.

Two wooden Wisconsin cheese boxes for 1.99. These will be fun to work into a Fall arrangement.

Two ceramic candlesticks with nice patterns which will be emphasized when I paint them.

Three nice glass amber pumpkins. 1.50 for the set.

A cute black cat candle for 99 cents.

This set was 7.00 and I like them so much I am not going to touch them but rather use them as is.

This is a cute little silver candelabra which ended up costing 2.50. I will use this as is too.

At first I thought I would paint these. But I am starting to like the idea of using tarnished silver in some of my Halloween arrangements.

I got this heavy black metal mask along with.....

...these two smaller bronze masks for 1.50. I am really excited about finding these because they work perfectly with something I found a while back. I will point this out to you when I actually post the finished items. This is what is the most fun for me. Instead of picking up a catalog or walking into a shop and just buying things someone else has created, I like going out and searching for things that are unusual and work terrifically together.

Whatever this is, it's pretty gaudy (1.25). But I liked the frame and thought I could make it work with.....

...this witch print. I added some striped backing and am very satisfied with the way it turned out.

I used a few small frames I bought a while ago for 1.00 each. I took vintage Halloween postcards...

....mounted them and added some German glass glitter and framed them. They look better like this than they did laying in my drawer.

This old watercolor actually wasn't too bad and the price was right for 3.00. I removed the watercolor and put it away and maybe will find a way to use it someday. Initially I planned on painting the frame. However, when I chose the print I wanted to frame.....

....I just turned the frame sideways and used it as it is. I added a distressed green mat and the frame color complimented the print nicely. (click for a better view)

This large white glass vase was 2.50. I was attracted by it's simple elegant lines.

It looks a lot better painted a flat black color.

This vintage aluminum pedestal was another good deal.

And looks much more impressive filled with Halloween treats.

Another Teddy update: we took her back to the emergency hospital yesterday. We waited 11 hours for her to be examined!!!! UNREAL!!!! They still guessed at what might be wrong and sent us home with 4 bottles of pills, none of which she would take. Thank you all for the kind suggestions about how to get pills into this pup. When it comes to pill taking, her true Chow Chow nature shows. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING worked. Fortunately, when we took her back to her regular vet today, he prescribed only one pill for her. So now to find a way to just get one into her. I bought ground lamb, sirloin and calves liver and will try to roll it up in that later. Her regular vet took more blood to try to rule out a few more things but it looks like the hospital caused the damage when they took blood. UGH!!!!


Touchatou said…
I would go back and scream at them ! Fools ! And 11 hours ? What kind of vets are they ? grrrrrr

Love your bats picture. Very hot ! ;) And you're right, the vase lopks better in black.
Oooh....loving all your finds. You are really making me want to go check out the thrift stores. I especially like the silver candleabra and the aluminum tiered tray, as well as your newly updated frames. I wish I had half your energy. And good luck with Miss Teddy and the pills. Our cat is like that! :o)
The Frog Queen said…
Oh that is a horrible vet story, definately do not let them get away with that - breaks my heart! :(

And....your finds are fantastic!! I am seeing things with different eyes while I am out shopping thanks to you!!! :)

Pricilla said…
You should send them a bill for your time. My husband did that with a doctor once. He was never kept waiting again....

All that candy is very tempting!
Laura said…
My sis uses something called Pill Pockets that she gets from the pet store. They work really well for their two pet bulls. They have a beef flavor, I think. I always used to use peanut butter for my lab, but had to stop because of his diabetes. Now if he has pills to take i mush them into some of his wet food to hide them and he takes them very well. :-)

I hope this one pill will help her. I would have been ballistic if I'd have waited at the emergency vet for 11 hours. whew...
Autumnforest said…
Oh, poor Teddy pooh. My heart goes out to her--and you too! It's so exasperating dealing with vets. Did they mention if you can crush the pills? We had one vet that had us grind the pill down, mix it with water and squirt it into our chow's throat with an irrigation syringe. She hated that! When we crushed it instead and put it in some yummy soft food, she ate it up. Good luck! Oh, and keep us posted. We want to see Teddy back in the happy pictures all fuzzy and happy.
Birdie said…
Wow! I want to go thrifting with you. What great stuff.
Sorry to hear of your poor baby Teddy.
Best Wishes,
Rue said…
I'd see what can be done about making the hospital accountable for messing up Teddy's paw. It's not right that you all have to suffer for their mistake. At least your vet thinks she only needs one pill!

Love the photos you've put in the found frames!
Great finds.
I been doing some purging and removing a least 10% of my stuff out of closet and taking it to the thrift store.
4 games are going.

Coffee is on.
More hugs for Teddy ... oh, and you :))
Great finds.
If only the shops here were like yours!
I am so VERY envious!
I am also still very sad about Teddy...poor little soul...
But...you are a very good witch and are looking after her with such devotion...she must love you very much...(even if you do make her take nasty medicine!)
Dede said…
I can't believe eleven hours! That is insane, for anyone to have to wait let alone something that they may have caused. (((Gentle hugs for Teddy))) And yes, it does look much better filled with Halloween treats.