I Have Gourds

Sounds like a disease doesn't it? Poor pumpkins, terrible tomatoes, zilch zucchini...but I have good gourds!

And celery....lots of celery.

I am enjoying the stream...

before winter sets in.

The millstone is gurgling. They finally fixed it....fingers crossed!

I went thrifting again. I really have to slow down or buy another house. This will be part of my fall arrangements.

A small set of shelves which I will use in the garden.

An Early American candle holder which will work for me after I paint it.

A cross.......perfect for Halloween.

I've been picking up lots of pieces like this to use for Halloween.

An old junkie looking candle holder which has potential.

These brass candlesticks are so nice I think I will leave them alone and use as is. They are very heavy and cost $2.95.

Two small mirrors. Fifty cents each.

Finally something I can actually use as something other than a decoration. I think this is the first glass tube pan I have ever seen. I like baking with glass so I can see what is going on.

Another one. I am telling you....NEVER buy anyone a cheese plate. No one uses them. They all end up in thrift stores and for some stupid reason I just can't quit buying them. These domes better work as cloches!

Two old Jack O'Lantern candles for 99 cents.

A handmade saucer and cup stand.

This is a vey nice hand turned shaving mirror for 6.99.

I found this lamp, brand new, for 10.00. I think I will turn this into a Halloween lamp.

I have also been picking up any old nice frames I can find. This one was 95 cents.


Illustrated Ink said…
It's so much fun to read your blog! Thank you for posting your fab finds! It's so true about cheese plates-I see those at the thrift store constantly too. Great idea to use the dome as a cloche. I hope you post pics of your Halloween decor!
LJ said…
I wish we had places to shop like you have. I live in the middle of no where and have nothing to shop in but Walmart. I love all these things you buy!
wow, we have lots of tomatoes right now.
and look at you, you are one mean shopping machine. great stuff and I bet you got them at great prices
magikalseasons said…
Great gourds! Are those lumpy ones white? I always enjoy your finds.Thanks for sharing. :)
Pricilla said…
Our celery did not take. We will try again next year.
I REALLY can't wait to see the Halloween decor
clairedulalune said…
Oh, you have done it again! Great finds, my favourite is the shaving mirror! I am the same about flea markets, the only reason i didnt go last week is because i was sick. And we seriously have no more room, we need to sell the stuff ourselves! hope all is well!
Beautiful pictures of the stream! My garden is almost flat, so I can´t have one myself unfortunally.

I really like that cross, it´so beautiful! But what is the thing over the shelve? Don´t think I´ve ever seen anything like it before. An umbrella stand?

What is it with cheese plates? Not even those who buys it themselves uses them after a week or so :-) :-)
Have a great day now!
Bella Foxglove said…
I love all this stuff. I love the things you buy, and I really love it when I get to see a bit of the place you live in, like the millstone and the stream, which are wonderful. You have such an amazing place and amazing energy comes from there...

VintageSage said…
Your garden is so beautiful, jaz even if you didn't get everything you wanted out of it. the gourds are fantastic...and as always, those great thrift shop finds of yours! I say buy another house! :)
Autumnforest said…
I love the gourds! How autumnal! The stream is my ultimate dream. Enjoy it for me.
The Frog Queen said…
Lovely garden pictures!!! And what shopper you are...is there anything you can't do!??! :D

Dede said…
That shaving mirror is a great find! The JOL candles are just to cute. Your pictures are awesome! Thanks so much for sharing.
Patty said…
Make sure you take an antibiotic to clear up that case of gourds..ha ha..that was so funny.

I love all your thrift store finds. I really need to come shopping with you.
Touchatou said…
Love the shaving mirror and the cross ! And cheap compared the work they demanded...

I like cooking with glass too. Amazing the prices you get !