I Live in a Halloween House

You know how you get used to your own surroundings and sort of tune them out after a while? As I was assembling the Halloween mantel the other day, I started to remove what usually sits on it. I took a good look at what I was removing and thought....this would work perfectly as Halloween decorations. Then I started looking around my house and quickly realized...I live in a Halloween house! I love etchings and thought I would use them as an example to show you what I mean.

Rather Kafkaesque wouldn't you agree?

Uh...that would be a snake coming out of her mouth.

A scary fish

Discretion caused me to not photograph what this guy is peering at.

Oops...I guess I did photograph it after all!

This is just a smattering of my art work. Believe me, some of it is much stranger.

*Halloween Memories: There was a man in my neighborhood who used to wrap pennies up with tape and drop them into out Trick or Treat bags. We couldn't wait to return home and check them out because sometimes he would slip a dime or a nickel into the bundle!


Pricilla said…
Hey, you love what you love. I live in a goat house.
The Frog Queen said…
Ah, that is a sweet halloween story....Great pictures too.

Yes, Your so right! Those pictures is very halloweeny :-) Great pictures to!
I have never tricked or treated ( well not that but we did however go from home to home dressed as witches and wizards at easter to get candy when I was little) but I can sure understand how fun it must have been to unwrap those coins :-)

Have a great day now!
Touchatou said…
Much stranger ? I love much stranger ! lol Ahhh if ma man would let me do what I like with the decorating of the house... ;)
Bella Foxglove said…
I would LOOOOVE to live in your house lol. I love all the treasures you have and I can see myself spending hours and hours just taking it all in.

I love your blog, and I have an award for you over on my last post if you want to check it out!
Autumnforest said…
I remember this one guy in our neighborhood gave out full-sized candy bars. They were 10 cents each back then and we used to guess that he'd spend a whopping $5.00 each Halloween! Hee hee
Blue Moon said…
I LOVE your blog. Just love "browsing" around it for hours :)
I like your prints - do you like Escher? No, not "Usher" the rapper (my daughter looking over shoulder thinks I need to make the distinction LOL ) I have a few Escher prints around my office - looks like some of his work would fit it nicely around your place :)
Hey Jaz,
I dig your blog...
So I am blessing or cursing you, with a blog award...however you choose to view it...ha! You can see it on my page, and choose to accept it and proceed or not. I am just paying it forward! :o)