A Little Halloween, A Little Puppy and a Lot of Food

Here are some wonderful mini Halloween baskets a friend sent to me.

Want to know your fortune? Play the Psychic Circle Game!

A wooden Halloween noisemaker. When we were little we used to carve notches in an empty spool and slide a nail through the hole in the middle. Then we would tie string around the spool. We would sneak up to someones door and pull the string and it made a very loud noise that echoed through the house. Now you would get arrested. Halloween used to be a lot more fun.

You flip this noisemaker around and it makes a loud crank sound.

This is a vintage German diecut witch decoration with the original crepe paper on the broom.

Awwwww....here is the puppy with the boo boo.

She has had a rough few days and needs to catch up on her sleep.

Notice the front shaved paw.

The boo boo. She is taking pain killers so she is feeling better. I am letting her rest and sleep and watching closely hoping to see some improvement.

A few shots of yesterday's finished food. The mac and cheese was yummy. I really like making it with pasta shells. They really pick up the cheese.

The ribs were falling off the bone tender.

Hope you all had a good Labor Day!


The food looks delicious!
I hope thet Teddy soon will be better in her leg! It´s so awful when ones pets are not well! Pets is ofcourse the wrong word, family is the correct I feel :-)

Those Halloween baskets really looks as scary as I imagine they should look :-)
Have a great day now!
Autumnforest said…
I don't eat pork, but I have to admit that once a year I have to do ribs--yum! Glad Teddy is doing better. That psychic circle game looks fun! :-)
Pricilla said…
I am glad Teddy is doing so much better.

Mmmm, those ribs look TASTY!
Laura said…
Can I come over for leftovers? :-)
Glad Teddy is feeling better...
Aw...poor baby! I hope she is feeling better! Guess all that beautiful hair comes with a price. And I have been craving ribs, now even more! :o)
The Frog Queen said…
Oh, I hope she gets better - ouch!

I think I am addicted to your food pictures....I just love them. I so want to be your neighbor so I can invite myself over for dinner :D

VintageSage said…
Jaz, so glad Teddy is doing good! Give him a big teddy bear hug for me. Poor baby. Oh that food is incredible looking! My stomach started growling....those pumpkins are just adorable. Oh and I remember that game! :)
Touchatou said…
Ah baby is home ! Goooood ! Mummy must be extatic ! lol

Ah those ribs ! My mouth is watering !
Dede said…
That plate of food looks delicious! I mean really delicious! Teddy looks like she is ready for a long nap. So glad she is doing better.
Rue said…
Looks like having Mom and Dad sleep on the floor with her, made her feel a bit better. Nice to see her up and about!
...... Bobbi said…
Aww - poor baby - I hope he's better soon! What time's supper? I'll be right over!