More Projects

Oops....wrong season! I found this brand new Flexible Flyer sled for 9.00.

Another large pair of brass candlesticks which will be polished and nothing more. I started out buying lots of old wooden candlesticks and painting many of them. Thankfully, I controlled myself and left some of them alone. Now I am liking the idea of mixing the wooden candlesticks with the brass for Fall and Thanksgiving arrangements. The tendency to throw a a coat of paint on things for a quick fix is appealing but hard to reverse. I find that many times when I let things sit for a while and I study them, I end up doing something quite different than I initially imagined. They can always be painted later.

Another little creche for 3.95. It has all of it's pieces and they are in perfect shape. This would be such a sweet Christmas present for a young child along with a Christmas book about the nativity. When I was small I was enthralled with our family nativity. This would make such a nice unexpected present.

Again, I was sure I would spray paint this the moment I got home from shopping. But after looking at it for a while, I thought it had perfect colors for fall. I might replace the Fleu de Lis though.

This should be fun. I am not sure yet exactly what I will do with this but I am quite sure it will have something to do with Halloween. All this needs is a battery and a little work and I should have a fun decoration for 9.00.

I keep finding these everywhere and they are always 99 cents a branch. I think with some copper paint and a bit of tweaking these can be used outside on garden shelves.

Bad art.......great frame!!!!! 1.99

I paid a bit more for this frame than usual but it is quite large.

I love finding these bags at thrift stores. You have to look hard but they are usually really good bargains. These were marked 3.95 but were half off.

Remove the prints and you have two very nice, cheap frames.


Once painted this old vanity tray will do a great job of reflecting a candelabra sitting on top of it. 1.25

Nostalgia! I bought it for that reason alone. 3.95 (I have absolutely NO intentions of using this)

Remember those three silver candlesticks I found the other day? This one blends perfectly with them. 1.99

Two pieces of Wallace silver. Both cost 99 cents. I am all for making tarnished silver work as a Halloween decoration.

I found this cute little butter stamp for a dollar.

It has what appears to be a crane on the stamp.

Three more of these old glass candle toppers for 95 cents each. These make a simple candlestick look so elegant.

Well, maybe I will polish the silver a bit. It looks so much better.

This silver plated tray will make another nice chalkboard. 1.99

Teddy update # 10, 999...or it just seems that way. Ugh!! Last night I managed to get the new antibiotics into her. Within hours she was sicker than a know what I mean. We are still waiting for the results of the blood work. I felt so bad for her this morning that I put her in the car and drove out to the country and bought some glorious mums and lots of wonderful pumpkins. I don't know if it made her feel better but it made me feel great!!!!


Anonymous said…
I hope Teddy gets well soon.:( Poor puppy. You always manage to find the nicest stuff! I'm envious of your shopping talents, I never find anything worthy of buying.
What a great looking sled! That brings back memories I can say :-) :-) :-)

The creche brought back a lot of memories too. I can´t for my life remember what happened to the old one we had in my family when I was a child and I never bought a new one. Every time I´m about to do that I always thinks that I might find another one more like the one we had back then :-)

I have a washboard hanging on my kitchen wall. I have actully used it when I lived in a almost totally outdated cottage :-)

What a nice butter stamp! You have to show us how the stamp looks in butter one day.

Poor Teddy! I hope that they very soon finds out whats wrong with her!
Take care of Teddy and Your self!
Laura said…
Oh.. poor Teddy! I'm so sorry she is still not well. I hope they can get you some answers soon.
Autumnforest said…
Fantastic finds! I'd hang the sled on the wall, just to remind me that in some places, it still snows.

p.s. Keep us in the loop about Teddy dear. Poor lambie. I hope she's feeling better. If loving intentions are anything, she's feeling better every minute.
Touchatou said…
I did use my washing board ! Just for the fun of it ! lol

The butter stamp is a nice find. Cool stuff.

Get rid of the fleurdelys ? Shame ! lol It is our emblem here in Quebec. We are quite attached to it. But I will forgive you... someday ! lol

Poor Teddy... It is endless what she has to suffer. Poor pup.
Pricilla said…
I really wish Teddy would get to feeling better. I am so sorry.

Jillian the goat is in labor! shhhh, it's a blog secret. I thought it would make you smile.

And you're not going to use the washboard. Shame! heh heh
Pricilla said…
oh, I forgot. I just made my own butter from my friend's cow's cream. It's yummy! That butter stamp is so intriguing. I have never seen one before...
Dede said…
I am so glad that you did something for yourself, sometimes you just have to. How long to wait for the results of the blood work? She has already been through so much and now meds that make her sick. UGH