More Pumpkins!

I bought more pumpkins yesterday. I think this type is called a Cinderella pumpkin.

Soon my gardens will be filled with pumpkins, hay and cornstalks.

These white pumpkins are elegant and haunting.

This is the first time I've found a large white one.

I am not sure what this type is called but it will make a good Jack O'Lantern.

This is the little iron chair I found at a thrift store a while back. The moment I saw it I knew it would hold a pumpkin perfectly.

Pumpkins on the planters.

Part of yesterday's harvest. I am getting lots of these long eggplants.

I added some ornamental cabbages to the arrangement.

I found this at a thrift store over the weekend for 8.00. It is an old metal decal box. It probably was used in a hardware store.

It shows five sizes but only has four. It has every original piece and many decals.

I organized it after I brought it home. It also has numbers and punctuation marks.

These are the four sizes.

As we wind down the time before Halloween, I am going to try to post one memory I have of Halloween each day. This is going to be interesting because I can hardly remember what happened last week. If anyone would like to share their Halloween memories, leave them in the comment section.

One of my most vivid memories is receiving homemade treats from neighbors on our street. I remember my mother making taffy apples and remember getting caramel apples and cookies. I don't think anyone does that anymore.


Pricilla said…
When I was a child and living in Philadelphia the whole neighborhood would do the same thing for Halloween. Each house would have a little party for the children with the homemade treats and hot chocolate. I don't think it's safe any longer for strangers...

I do make treats for my friend's kids for Halloween. Last year I made them bat shaped rice krispie treats. This year I am going to make them meringue ghost cookies.
I love Your pumpkins! Especially the one You don´t know the name on! I think I have to grow pumpkins myself next year if I ever going to be able to show some in my blog :-)

That metal box with decals is fantastic! I don´t think I´ve ever seen anyone before!

Since we don´t really celebrate Halloween here I don´t have any memories from it. But a couple of years ago a couple of kids came to my door saying Trick or treat. I was a bit embarresed whan I only had two apples at home to give them:-) :-)
have a great day now!
Autumnforest said…
We lived in a mansion on top of a hill, a spooky home that was chosen as one of the 10 most haunted houses in America. It was surrounded by tons of acreage and boxwood mazes and scary orchards and a long gravel driveway that went over a stone bridge. There were no lights. It was quite imposing with its Confederate gray walls. Every year, mother bought candy, hoping the neighboring suburban kids would come. Every year, we ended up eating it. After perhaps 12 or 13 years of living there, one Halloween a group came to the front door. It was a family of 7 brothers--all big strapping lumberjack types. They went as a group, too scared to go alone. They said they stood at the opening of our driveway staring into the darkness trying to get their bravery and they ran most of the driveway. It was pretty funny. We gave them the whole bowl--they earned it.
Beautiful pumpkins, love the white ones! I bought a fairytale pumpkin last year, those are pretty cool.
VintageSage said…
Love what you've done with all the pumpkins. That big white one is almost perfectly round!
clairedulalune said…
Queen of the pumpkins! Don't forget to email me your pics when you carve them for the pumpkin project!
Laura said…
I love white pumpkins...lumina I think they are called.. every year i have to have a white pumpkin or it just doesn't seem right to me...
Judith said…
Don't you have problems with local varmints? Last year a groundhog ate my pumpkins for dinner! This year I'm keeping them inside!
Touchatou said…
No, you are right, nobody does that anymore : stores are full of premade sweets that all taste the same... A pity.

I never have seen white pumpkins before ! Oh beauties ! That have a ghostly feeling to them, right !

Decals !!! So much fun to play with !
BelladonnasJoy said…
You know, I like you're idea of sharing a Halloween story for each day of the countdown to magical October 31st. I doubt I will have that many memories but I'm going to try.

Memory #1: I always got double treats on Halloween because it was my birthday. But I do have one bad memory. One Halloween night while we were all scurrying from house to house, I was lagging behind and this very nasty big German Shepherd dog bit my butt! Seriously, I screeched and ran. When I got back home, my Mom told me that he grabbed quite a bite including a piece of my clothing right through to my underwear. I never went to that place again for Halloween treats!!

Oh, I love the story from Autumnforest!! I alos love this blog!! Love your pumpkins too.
BelladonnasJoy said…
I love your pumpkins. I really like the story from Autumnforest. I will try to remember a Halloween memory and share as well.

One Halloween night as we were all scurrying from house to house, giggling and happy with our bag of loot, I was lagging behind. A big German Shepherd dog bit me hard on the butt! He bit right through all my clothes including my underwear. I was about 7 or 8 years old. But I didn't go home until the night of 'trick or treating' was all over. AND, I never went back to that house anymore for treats.
Dede said…
We still don't have any pumpkins here yet. Yours are so unique. How is Teddy doing? Better I hope!
Denise Marie said…
pretty post. what cool pumpkins. I love the little ones at the garden posts. :P

memory: being about my youngest son's age and my mom putting lipstick and stuffing a bra for me to go trick or treat'n like a grown up. I felt all grown up but probably looked stupid.

Trick OR Treat!!?
Patty said…
I love all the pumpkins. Usually we go to a local farm to pick them our-self, but this year I plan on bringing mine home from PA when we go up to Gettysburg. I always loved Halloween as a child (and I still do). I lived in San Diego from age 5-12 and we were in an area that had blocks, so we were allowed to go around the block. Back in those days (the late 50's early 60's) it was still safe to go into someones home and I can remember being invited in, The sights and smells were wonderful. Home made cookies, caramel apples, candy, gum etc. I remember one family in particular who invited me in and offered cookies. My mom was with me and was to polite to allow me to take more than one so when I got ready to leave the man who lived there gave me a nickel. Back in those days that bought five (or some times ten..if you got two for a Penny) pieces of candy. Getting that money was a real treat for me.
Jeanne said…
SO many lovely Pumpkins! ♥
chib said…
I have never seen those white pumpkins, I would love to have a taste of them. They look delicious!