A New Witch Find

I can't tell you how rare it is for me to find vintage one of a kind witch items. I never quit looking though. I found this copper pen holder recently. In all the years I've been collecting, this is the only one of these I have ever seen.

And I just happened to have the perfect pen for it to hold!

Someone has been doing a lot of sleeping lately.

She sits by the door when it is time to pee.

Boxes of pumpkins from yesterday's market trip.

I played with pumpkins last night and sat them on some of those stools and pedestals I've been buying.

And here are some small white pumpkins placed on one of the candelabras I painted.

*Halloween Memories: When I was young there was a man that lived two streets away from us who passed out one peanut to each trick or treater. One lousy peanut in a shell. We all hated it but still went to his house every year.


Pricilla said…
I was glad to see Teddy. It made me happy. I am typing this with a kitten on my shoulder. We have named him Sherpa 'cause he keeps climbing up our bodies and sitting on our shoulders no matter what we are doing. I came in from milking and there he was on my husband's shoulder as he was making the coffee. I will have photos tomorrow.

heh heh

the pizza is too cute!
Autumnforest said…
I like that--you still went to his house every year. We had one of those in my neighborhood, about 10 pennies each kid. We were lucky, though, there was a Ben Franklin penny candy store nearby... Love the pumpkins. I can't believe you found that witch! I don't think I'd ever find one witch item here in AZ. I'll probably have to go online and find one on an auction. Poor little Teddy. She's a trooper. It's hard to explain to a dog an injury. I'm certain she's overly pampered right now and enjoying her princess status, so I won't be concerned any long. It's just a matter of time at this point. Give her a big pat for me, though. I love doggies so much and have a big warm spot for the chows...
Tammy said…
I'm definitely going to start collecting the pedestals now...that is an awesome idea!☺
At first I thought that the white pumpkins were candles :-) :-) Great arrangements You´ve done with all those pumpkins! I still haven´t seen any pumpkins in stores over here. If I do I´ll post a picture in my blog :-)

I´m glad to see Teddy! I hope that she will recover totally!
Have a great day!
Totally lovin' your pumpkin arrangements!
Anonymous said…
Oh that is a magical penholder and that pen, wow, where do you find all these lovely things. Here in The Netherlands they aren't to be found !!
The pumpkins look great on the holders and the candelabra is so very pretty.
Have a witchy weekend !!!
Hey, a peanut is a peanut! (Cheap bastard).
Aussiemade said…
Hi Jaz, how lovely to see Teddy, sleep is such a restorative. Poor little furball. I am wondering if Priscilla has a Burmease kitten. As Mrph ours always was and still prefers to sit on shoulders and be near your neck.

I am intrigued and in awe of all your witch find, and Halloween discoveries.

At least the peanut was in a shell, you could eat it..lol
Autumnforest said…
Hey, another girl understands where I'm coming from. Did you model or play basketball? All tall girls must be asked those two questions. I usually end up using biboli shells for pizzas or Pillsbury dough in a roll, but I started making my own herbed dough a few years ago and freezing it. Works pretty well. I think those would get gobbled quickly. So far, my food spread has been on that I need very little attention to since the party is out in the yard and so I've been avoiding things I need to heat or cook unless they can go in a crockpot. I think I'll definitely make that pizza for Halloween supper! I usually do the classic chili and cornbread, but the pizza will go over really big.
Lisa said…
You are so creative. Your little peanut story made me laugh...especially that everyone kept going back. LOL
Blue Moon said…
Hey, the first year you DIDN'T go back - he probably would have given snickers bars :)
That is the most adorable puppy !! I just want to grab her and kiss her face :)
Thank you for the great recipes ~~~
And the pen holder is great. I think if you put a low light or candle in front of it, it would cast a really neat shadow!
You find the greatest stuff!
BelladonnasJoy said…
Hey Jaz, you keep amazing me with all your finds. Another great witch find!! Very nice to see Teddy recovering too.

We got alot of apples when I was a kid, but that's before people were cruel enough to put razor blades in them. Usually by the time I got home the apples were mashed and yuccky. And so heavy to carry home!! I still love the candy apples, we'd get them once in a blue moon.
Touchatou said…
As someone said, one peanut is one peanut... Maybe he was lonely and enjoyed receiving all those kids, with the means he had on hand...

Poor Teddy, she is doing what my dog would like to do all day... sleeping and walking on a leash lol I am glad she is doing a little better.
Bridgett said…
I love your pen holder find! How adorable is that?

And all those pumpkins...wow. I'm impressed. :)

BTW, totally giggling about the peanut guy. LOL