Thrift Find to Halloween

I found this vase at a flea market yesterday. I already have two which I bought in Beaufort, South Carolina years ago for a lot of money. This one cost 15.00.

It has very delicate pressed glass leaves. The color is added on the inside of the vase so the leaves are three dimensional clear glass.

I bought this old silver tray for 3.00.

And though this is not the most attractive piece in the world, it was carefully embroidered by hand and cost 1.00. I felt so sorry for it that I bought it. I might make it into a pillow.

This old mirror cost 2.99.

After applying chalkboard paint to the silver tray and the old mirror, I have two blackboards to play with for Halloween.

If you are interested in some easy Labor Day recipes, check the next post.


I love that mirror! It´s a bit too dark, otherwise it would fit perfect in my hall way :-)
Have a great day!
clairedulalune said…
Are you at those flea markets again? I am so envious! I love the chalkboard ideas! And I just read your recipes, Mmmmmm, Mmmmmmm!
Anonymous said…
You are a very bad...bad...witch!
You have made me spend way too much time gazing in awe at your wonderful can you possibly fit anything else in?!
I thought that I was bad...but you are most definately worse!
Maybe we should form a help group...does any one know if there's one for people addicted to witchy stuff?
I love the brooms...and the witches...and the pumpkins...and the......................
Help...I must leave this site, it's too addictive!
Thanks for popping over to see mine...I'll be back to drool and envy soon!
Laurie said…
That vase is beautiful. You find the neatest things when you go thrifting! :)
Anonymous said…
do you guys know of colors chalkboard paint at