To Market, To Market

We headed off to another market this morning.

To buy more pumpkins of course.

But we stocked up on all sorts of things.

The assortment of fruits and vegetables was staggering.

A lone fish monger walking down the alley.

Stall after Stall of the freshest meats and cheeses.

I returned to the car three times to empty my market cart.

Each meat purveyor had his own homemade sausages.

I did major damage at this stall. I bought mushroom and blue cheese ravioli, pumpkin ravioli and lobster ravioli.

And sweet potato gnocchi and papperadelle.

Everyone who works here is so friendly and chatty.

Look at this ceiling.

It is all done in brick and plaster.

I bought all of this bacon. Well, not all but the deal was 10 pounds of sliced bacon for 24.99. How can you pass that up?

And that left me with enough money to buy all of these sausages. Well, at least I bought some of all the different kinds of sausages.

And Cornish pasties....oh, YUM!!!!

*Halloween Memories: I made a new one today. I came home from the market with 22 pumpkins!


Tammy said…
I foresee lots of pumpkin pie and bacon for breakfast...LOL! ;D
Touchatou said…
You are quite like me : when you like something, you become addicted and excessive ! lolllll
Autumnforest said…
I would kill to have a market like that in the Southwest!
Only 22 pumpkins? Why the restraint?
Anet said…
What an amazing market!
22 pumpkins! Love it:)
Pricilla said…
GOOD GOD! That's a lot of bacon!

heh heh

you thought I was gonna say pumpkins didn't you?
Hibiscus Moon said…
what a wonderful looking market!
Amy said…
Wow! What a market! There is nothing like that here in eastern KY. Wish there was because I would have a field day. I love pumpkin too! Yum!
clairedulalune said…
Jaz, this is my idea of a great day out! Aren't cornish pasties the best? I love going for a walk in the park with a cuppa and a cornish pastie to keep me warm! Oh, I want to put my wellies on!