Vintage Halloween

This is a vintage metal Jack O'Lantern.

It has an owl and a bat flying in front of a full moon. These are rare and very collectible.

A vintage fortune telling game.

This is a real trip down memory lane. Fortunately, this was before my time!

They are multiplying. I bought a big orange one too. Doesn't my stove top look happier filled with pumpkins?


What nice things! When I see all Your things I almost wish we celebrated Halloween too :-)
Have a great day now!
Laura said…
I love your pumpkin pots. I just got back from the garden, checking on my pumpkin and it is a beauty! I can't wait until I can bring him out from the garden and set him on the stoop! :-)
Oh my, that vintage Jack is to die for!! I have never seen anything like it. Also love those pots, I like the orange ones especially they show up well. Thank you for coming by my blog. My owl is finally up on the STJ site and I sold it within minutes. You can go by and see it at:
As I write, we are peeling apples. My husband is watching football and peeling at the same time. LOL...hope he is watching for worm holes! I sent my mom a link to your page and the recipe so now she is going to try it. I am thinking I might make a few to freeze too. It has been a bumper year for apples. Thanks again Joyce. Big hug for Teddy!
magikalseasons said…
Great Halloween stuff! I always wanted one of those metal Jol's and those pumpkins on your stove are fantastic! :)
clairedulalune said…
I love the pumpkin set! Your cooker looks gorgeous with on it!
Autumnforest said…
So cool! My mother threw out all the childhood stuff and the one thing I'd love to find and display is the old-fashioned 1960s looking plastic trick-or-treating Jack O'Lantern. I loved that thing! You just reminded me, I should go on ebay and see if I can find one. It would make me smile.
Such lovely, autumn-y stuff! Thanks for sharing.
Touchatou said…
I think I had one of those metal Jack-o-Lantern when I was very young : it seems really familiar to me !

Nice stove ! Gas stove are not usual up north, where electricity is so cheap and gas cost an arm and a leg ! And it is really goog looking with your pots !
Callie said…
Love the Halloween collectables. I remember that metal Jack pail. Those roasters look terrific. I did a search on the roasters and found that they make a chicken and a cow roaster too! I think I need a large pumpkin and a small chicken. Those are going on my Christmas list for sure. Love your posts.
Pricilla said…
I want your stove!

I am still cooking on the 15" sucker in the trailer. My Dacor is in the basement. It stares at me every time I go in the house. I want my new stove....

I love the pumpkins.
womanwisdom said…
hellooooowww jaz!

just dropping by to visit...and thanking you for your visit too. your blog is so very interesting! your pumpkins look great! looks like halloween is here...i wish we could celebrate halloween the way you do there. here, it's more of the younger set, going to discos and dancing all night. i'd really read more of your blog since i'm really interested in witches, and spells and herbals and the likes!
perhaps i can share some of my researches about our very own local pagan worship here in the islands. it's herstory dates back before the Spaniards colonized the islands. i'm actually planning to write a paper on this. i'll tell you more next time in my blog...

thanks, thanks again! warm hugs...

BelladonnasJoy said…
Hi Jaz,

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!! I am so glad you made the connection with me because I am sooo into Halloween, after all, it's my birthday. I love your blogs, your pumpkins, your pumpkin cookpots and everything on here!!

I'd love to jump to Samhain but don't we still have Mabon to celebrate? But I'm always looking forward to Halloween.

We thought we planted pumpkins AND squash but all we got were squash! They are very nice squash too! We save our seeds so I was looking forward to some nice pie pumpkins this year. Oh well! I'll get some from the nearby farms.

I am really going to enjoy reading the rest of your blogs!!!

Thanks again, Anna