Vintage Halloween

This is a vintage metal Halloween clicker

And a vintage metal Halloween noise maker.

This is a Beistle witch with tissue paper fans under her arms.

Didn't we all have tons of these way back when? They were really the only type of Halloween decorations back in the 50's. Too bad we didn't hang on to all that old stuff.

These are from Germany. Vintage diecuts.

* Halloween Memories:

I remember only being allowed or able to trick or treat on two or three streets. My little trick or treat bag would be half full by the end of the evening. However, my older brother would take a pillowcase and go out with his friends. He could go all over town. When he came home his pillowcase would be almost full. I always felt so cheated!

Teddy update. UGH! This just seems to get worse and worse. We spoke with her breeder today who also happens to be a vet. She suggested that something happened in the hospital to cause Teddy's lameness. Of course, they will not admit to anything. No matter, Teddy has an ACL injury and must be immobilized for 6 weeks. Chows are very prone to ACL injuries because of their stilted hocks. So, we shall be taking turns sleeping on the floor for the next 6 weeks. She is allowed no stairs and she can only be outside on a leash to pee and poo. Because this is her second time with heat stroke, she is no longer allowed outside in temperatures above 60 degrees. This should prove to be an interesting trip to Salem in 4 weeks. She usually spends hours at the park each morning so this is a total change for all of us. At least she is still breathing!!!


Pricilla said…
Oh, my. I am so sorry about Teddy and for you as well. She is lucky to have such loving parents.

More goat hugs! Gentle ones, of course.
Wonderful Halloween things!
I can imagine that You felt cheated when Your brother came home with all that candy :-) I hope he shared some with You, but knowing older siblings :-) :-) :-)

I have no idea what ACL is, but it doesn´t sound good! How will You do during summers if Teddy isn´t allowed higher temperatures than 60? Well I forget that You probably have an AC. It´s not that common to have AC in Sweden. Anyway, I hope thet Teddy will get better and better!
Take care!
cool stuff!
we are in jersey right now, paris is next. having a great time.
kelly wanted to know if you had a cooling bed for teddy? her dog ginger had some sort of similar problem/heat stroke, and they got her a cooling mat/bed that she loves and seems to have helped.
hope she feels better soon!
So sorry for the doggy difficulties!
Sorry to hear of Teddy's troubles -- sending white healing light her way. And yours, to help with the stiffness of sleeping on the floor!
So sorry poor Teddy is struggling. I think I feel the worst that he can't romp on the beach and such. Here's hoping for cold weather. Not much fun for the people though. Joyce, I tried the pie recipe and it was heaven! Had some unexpected company that night and I offered them a piece and they all had seconds. Two pies and they were both gone in one night. Plus they all wanted the recipe. I almost kept it a secret but then you were so generous with it, I had to share. I told them about you and your wonderful garden and your Halloween collection. Thank you once again. In answer to your question, I do commissions, although currently I am not taking anymore large ones at the moment. I am mainly doing ornaments and smaller sculpts. I also work as a commercial artist as well and am pretty backed up on requests. However, if you want to contact me by email from my blog spot, I would be happy to talk more with you and if you could give me an idea of what you wanted, I can see what we can do. Thank you so much for asking. Loved the new collectibles today. I love the art work they did back then! Take care, Tammy
The Frog Queen said…
Amazing stuff as always. Love the vintage witches!!

Sorry to hear about Teddy, hang in there.

Lisa said…
So sorry about Teddy. :(

Gosh, I remember those little clickers. Hadn't thought about those in years!
Love all your vintage pieces! And poor Teddy, I feel so bad for her and you! Sending positive vibes your way! :o)
Touchatou said…
Wish I could be there to take turns with you sleeping on the floor... Hope she will get ok soon. Kisses.
Laura said…
I'm sorry to hear that Teddy is still having problems. It is so hard on them when they can't get around like they used to, not to mention how hard it is on us.
BelladonnasJoy said…
I hope poor little Teddy gets well soon. Heat stroke is awful!!

Thanks for visiting my site too. I love your blog, and I look forward to it everyday to see all the new things you have for Halloween.

I'm glad you mentioned the pillow case on Halloween. Once I got older I was allowed to go farther away for Halloween and it was miles!! that we would go before that pillow case was full. This was very rural NS, same place I am now as I moved back in 2002. I can remember sitting in the ditch on the edge of someone's lawn exhausted, and late at night, eating some of our candy and just trying to drag the rest of it home. Ugh!

I hope your Halloweening and blogging help to keep your spirits up during this stressful and demanding time. The support you receive from the nice people on here is a bonus too. I love it when I see so much love and compassion from other people.
Rue said…
Teddy will have to take it easy for a bit - you make sure you don't get too run down too! At least it's something that is known and can be treated - or healed. Thinking of you and Teddy.

Poor Teddy - and you. Hoping for better news soon.
Love and light to you both.
Laurie said…
Your Halloween decorations are great! Your memories are very similar to mine, my older brother and his friends always did the pillowcase thing. They came back with those darn things stuffed with candy! We had trick or treat candy in the freezer until Easter!

I am sorry to hear that Teddy has to deal with this injury. She is so lucky to have you!