The Weirdo Next Door

Is my son!! He obviously has his mother's taste in art. We decided to post some pics from his house. Above is an etching of a beetle.

Some of these prints depict hell.

Click for close ups.

When we were decorating his house we went to a gallery in Salem, Mass..

We found exactly what we were looking for.

What do you see when you look at this picture?

Do you see a skull or a Victorian woman sitting at her dressing table?

This is a hand carved walking stick that I bought just outside of Calais, Maine.

It is shaped like a snake.

It has a leather tongue.

I wonder if it would keep real snakes away on a walk?

I really like this woman's work though I can not remember her name.

The detail is like a botanical print.

And here is the scariest thing in his house.......Mischief......the 18 year old kitty!!!!

*Halloween Memories: I remember using the sticks of waxy crayons to paint our faces. What a mess they were. I can still smell the smell! After trick or treating for a few blocks we would start getting sweaty and the makeup would run all over our costumes.


Dreamwriter said…
Art is SO very fascinating! Thanks for sharing!
Pricilla said…
I LOVE that walking stick!

I am making ketchup today. The tomatoes FINALLY came in.

LOTS of them.....
I really like thise paintings! The one with the beetle is so fine. The beetle looks like one we have here in Sweden, we call it Oak ox because of its size.
That walking stick is fantastic!
have a great day now!
Any cat named "Mischief" is bound to be trouble, even at 18 years old!
Autumnforest said…
I love the art! Great taste! Kitty is a cutie. One of my memories is glow in the dark crayons. I was the baby of five kids, the others a lot older than me. When I was really little, mom had a Halloween party on our spooky property with my siblings and their school friends. I got to decorate the wood beams on the 50' long wisteria arbor with glow in the dark crayons. She put each kid in a black druid cape and flipped the hood up. They walked with a candle down the long dark wisteria arbor, along the gravel driveway and to the apple orchard where there was a large bonfire and a "witch burning" (I know, I know--rolling my eyes, but it was the late 60s). I remember seeing the event from the long floor to ceiling windows in the old mansion. The glowing fire, the people in hoods. It really got me into the whole thing of witchcraft and Halloween and darkness and bonfires and apples and robes... the whole thing is burned into my psyche. Strange the things that influence you so much.
Felinae said…
Cute kitty :D

I loved the skull/Victorian Lady.

SeeThroughGreen said…
I love the art! The colors, patterns, textures and just the feelings you get when you look at it! So cool! I especially love the beetle etching and the fern leaves on the dish! fascinating!

The kitty is beautiful! 18 years old?!! wow! my last kitty (kiki) lived till 13 and we thought that was something!
Tammy said…
I've seen the skull print in the childhood home of President Lyndon B Johnson when I lived in TX.

Halloween Memory: not the wax sticks but the plastic masks with the rubber band to hold them on your head, which never failed to get twisted into my curly hair.....
VintageSage said…
I LOVE that skull painting with the Victorian woman!! Funny how taste runs in the family. Awww...Mischief is sweet. Wow 18 years old huh? She must be living a good life :)
i LOVE the skeleton/victorian lady. that is so cool! and of course i love mischief too:)
Touchatou said…
I see definitely a skull : had to look hard to see the lady ;) I love the way your son decorates his home : his mother's son ! ;)
The Frog Queen said…
Beautiful art. The plate is amazing, I see why you like that artist so much.

I hear you on the cat....with all the stuff in my yard...I would say the cats are the scariest thing :D

Anonymous said…
The dressing table lady is definately my favourite...I love symbolist art...I am so envious...again!
Anonymous said…
freaky art but so cool! the walking stick is a little scary for me. :0
JOC said…
My memories of Halloween in England are a bit hazy but I do remember making lanterns out of turnips as we didn't have pumpkins. We didn't dress up but we did do trick or treat and I can remember being quite upset that one neighbour had given me a healthy apple instead of sweets or chocolate!
Callie said…
How neat to have that walking stick! Enjoy!
Bridgett said…
I would love to go to Salem...I bet the stores there are just amazing.

And Mischief is pretty darn cute too. :)

Laurie said…
Oh my, your son has quite the imagination!
Wow, your kitty is 18? That is something!

I saw a Victorian lady sitting at her dressing table, but then I would...
Nydia said…
I loved your son's decoration, specially the skull/lady frame, that is awesome! Your old kitty is so cute, but I bet he's got an attitude! :o)

Great idea posting your halloween memories at the end of posts, I wish I had any, but this is not a tradition in Brazil! alas...

isses from us.