Welcome to My Halloween Haunted House

Long long ago, I made this haunted house for my kids.

The lights are actually ghosts.

This visited my children's classrooms every year at Halloween.

The cemetery is rather ghoulish.

No wonder my kids are sort of weird!

This guy has been hanging here a long time.

There is a Halloween tree in the side yard.

Fatal bobbing for apples.

The button on the wall plays scary music when pushed.

The table is set for a party.

Notice the glasses of spilled milk? Click to enlarge.

A bloody hand rises out of the bubbling cauldron.

Halloween cookies, material and a pattern for costumes and marshmallows on sticks.

Smoke coming out of the chimney and a gargoyle perched on the roof.

This dog always scared my kids. The devil dog with the red eyes.

The wallpaper in the dining room is covered with skeletons.

Jack O'Lantern plates and pumpkin pies.

Anyone want to bob for apples?

A dead body was here. See the blood?

A lone set of eyes peers out of the window.

More haunted house photos tomorrow!

*Halloween Memories: One of the best parts of Halloween was dumping all of your candy out on the floor and sorting through it. We always counted out the candy bars to see who scored the most.


Lisa said…
This is so wonderful! Weird kids are the best. :)
What a wonderful, great house! And You´ve made it your self! All those little thing put there with so much thought! Fantastic!
have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
I think you would have been totally cool as a mom to kids. That doesn't sound right but you know what I mean...
Love it...the detail is amazing...what a talent you are...I bet the kids L♥VE YOU!

Love the Severance song...hope you don't mind if I borrow for my playlist...good and moody! ;D
OMG, you are such a talented miniaturist!
Rue said…
Wow - this is fantastic! I can't imagine how long it took you to make, but I'll bet you had a blast. Your kids were very lucky to have such a cool mom - I'll bet this made them very popular when they were in school!
Carmen C. said…
WOW! I have never seen anything so wonderful in a haunted house, what talent you have!!! I just love the detail on everything!!!
Laura said…
I think that is the most awesomest halloween haunted house I've ever seen! :-)
Laura said…
I think that is the most awesomest halloween haunted house i've ever seen!
Anet said…
This is amazingly cute!
I just want to play with it:) I love the table settings and little food. Marshmallows on roasting sticks, adorable!
Jeanne said…
Wow! I love it! I see something new every time I look at it. What a treasure!
Callie said…
That is the best haunted house ever. Your kids were and are so lucky!
Patty said…
Wow, you are so amazing.
VintageSage said…
Oh my gosh, Jaz, that's incredible!!! I absolutely adore it. When are you going to make more and sell them? ;) That is true artwork!
Autumnforest said…
Wickedly awesome! I've never had a table to display my Halloween town stuff, but this year's Halloween party, I can set the little vignettes around the serving table. I always collected cemetery ones since I'm the local cemetery expert. I love looking at these things--they're so cool. What a story you're telling, like a Sleepy Hollow nightmare.
How cool and I'm still a kid at heart.

Coffee is on.
This was so much fun to take a tour through! I am impressed with your attention to detail. And I have weird kids too for the same reason...they're the greatest! Fantastic work, thanks for sharing this! :o)
Anonymous said…
Wow, what a wonderful haunted house. The details are fantastic. I can imagine that the kids loved this house !!!
Stopping by to say, I think your blog is so cool, and all those thrift finds, wow. Also I have an award for you at my blog, so stop by for a spell and pick it up.
Laurie said…
You made this? It's amazing!! I love the kitty peeking through the window ~ kinda looks like our kitty! I bet your kids love showing this off at school!

Yep, dumping the candy on the floor, then my Mom and Dad got first dibs and we would trade candy with each other. There were 5 of us, so there was lots to trade. My big sister always wanted all my candy corn, which I gladly handed over I wanted her Mary Janes!!
Touchatou said…
You did that ??? Is there something you're not good at ? lolllllll It is really awesome ! All those details. Whith every picture, I ask myself : how did she do that ? What did she use ? How did she make such a tiny glass of milk ? Hours of pleasure !
Bridgett said…
Okay, you seriously need to make these and set up an Etsy site! I'd buy one in a heartbeat!

That is just INCREDIBLE detail! Wow.

I'm just dumbfounded by in your talent. You have some very lucky kids. :)

Immachilde said…
Not just for kids, me waaaaaaant XD
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