Amish Country Ohio II

I might have to move here.

I really might have to move here!

You can get a free pumpkin and your buggy fixed.


Who knew milk cans could be beautiful?

With the fog doesn't this place just scream doughnuts?

Heini's cheese. I don't know about anyone else but I don't want cheese from a heini.

Too funny!

But Yoder Dame is even funnier.

Check out the Amish women....or maybe we are not supposed to.

Top shelf noodles and every baked product you can think of.

And more pumpkins.

These are metal designs for barns.

I guess this does not need to be translated....duh!

You lookin' at me?

A new covered bridge almost complete.

I want one of these farms.

Go figure...who would have known?

Swiss accents everywhere in this town.

Nice old engine

But the rest of the train was hit by graffiti artists.

All the homes were decorated.

And in the middle of all this farm land, off in the distance we spy this. What can it be? A hotel in the middle of nowhere?

Just a restaurant and bakery.

A HUGE restaurant and bakery. Me thinks there are many hungry tourists around!

This is what most of the countryside looks like.

And then we came across my favorite road in the whole world. I want to live on it.

Doesn't it look spooky?

Again, in the middle of seemingly nowhere we spy a small Swiss village.

How quaint....and new!

The latest vineyard tourist trap!!!

***I just had to add this on. As soon as I finished this post I turned on my tv and guess what was on? Witness!!!! Haha!!!

*Halloween memories: I remember carving Jack O'Lanterns and having my hands freeze. Trying to separate the seeds from the pulp to roast them was the slimiest task ever. I would have pumpkin pulp stuck to me all day. I have wised up a bit over the years and I now bring my pumpkins inside for a day to warm them up before carving.


I am in love, too! I want to move there now! I'll have to add it to the list...
Laura said…
oh what a lovely trip to take! i would also love to live there! so much beautiful countryside! have a great day!
I too wants to move there! :-) So beautiful and lots of Amish people :-) But the swiss parts I could live without :-) :-)
Great trip You brought us on!
Have a great day now!
That "Men in Black" t-shirt is just TOO funny! Your trip to Amish country was fascinating, thanks for taking us along for the buggy ride! Be careful out among them English, Jaz!
Laurie said…
Beautiful photos!
I am from Delaware and we would often visit Amish country in Lancaster, Pa.
They do make awesome shoo~fly pie!
Pricilla said…
It is beautiful. I love rolling hills, but obviously I fell in love with towering mountains. :)
Pricilla said…
Oh, how is Teddy? I think about her.....
clairedulalune said…
What a great trip! Spooky hollow? Fantastic!
Oh how I'd like to get my greedy lil' hands on some of their cheese...yum yum! Great photos!
Amy Lou Who said…
Beautiful photos! Looks like a fun trip! I love the Amish. My friend bought an Amish farm in Casey county KY and we used to go there for the weekend, but I have not been in about a year. These pictures made me miss it more than a little.
Autumnforest said…
Oh boy--what a magical trip! Can you just transport that place and the weather here in the southwest?
SeeThroughGreen said…
So cool! I want to live on that road too! Make every day Halloween!
Bridgett said…
My parents and I used to go to Ohio Amish country all the time.

I haven't been there for years though. And yes, I've even eaten Heini cheese. LOL

My folks still camp somewhere around there a few times a year.

LOVED the pictures. The rainy day actually set the mood perfectly for Halloween. :)