Amish Country Ohio

It was a very cold, windy, rainy day when we drove to Amish country. One of the first things I saw was a pumpkins stand! But it was closed.....damn!!!!!

Click for close ups. There were Fall decorations everywhere.

And Amish buggies. Click to see this better but here is one coming down the road.

You can always tell an Amish farm by the lack of utility lines. No phone lines, no electrical looks almost eerie.

The farms and barns are beautiful.

The buggies have the right-of-way on the road.

Everything is so neat and simple.

Hey Christer, all of these red buildings would fit into your neighborhood!!!

You could buy all sorts of things from the farms. Lots of places offered quilts, baskets and wooden furniture.

And a few places had least I think these are lamas.

This guy didn't want his face to be photographed.

Ha him anyway.

An Amish woman. They all wear the same clothes.

It was very foggy but we snapped this pic of a little Amish boy on the way back from the market with his mother. He is holding a treat.

I did not realize the Amish had such colorful and big umbrellas. This dude has a serious beard as do most adult males.

This guys buggy must have broken down.

A one room school house. The Amish don't receive much schooling because they are expected to stay at home and learn about the farm and housekeeping.

This is also cheese country and there are lots of dairy farms.

Nice cow...

You lookin' at me?

Uh oh....are we about to be charged?

Guess not....that would take a bull. These two were only interested in eating grass.

And taking a little nap.

One small thing I might mention......all of the above could be Mennonites but I don't know the difference!

Tomorrow I will post more pics. I have some really good ones. I am still shaken about Teddy and off my game.


Sometimes I think it would be so nice to live such a simple and un-complex lifestyle such as this. Then later I think that I might get bored. Either way, the scenery is pretty! :o)
Pricilla said…
I used to go to Lancaster, PA. often when we lived in NJ and I would love it.
I´ve been fascinated by the Amish since I first heard of them. If it wasn´t for the thing that I don´t like other people tell me what to belive in :-) I could have become one :-) Well I would have to move somewhere where they live too ofcourse :-)

I write lettres to an Amish family now and again and sometimes I get a lettre back. They don´t like to be photographed though :-) At least not so that their faces can be seen.

Those red buildings really could be just next door here :-) :-) They have good taste I have to say :-) :-)
Have a great day now!
SeeThroughGreen said…
That is so cool! I would love to go and learn from people that live like they do. They have so much knowledge about practical things that people in modern cities couldnt even begin to fathem.
I love the buggies! If I could have a horse, that would be the only way I would travel.
Great Pictures
Tammy said…
Another place I want to visit here in Ohio. I live near a "Plain" community but I swear I see more down in Ky than I do here!
Callie said…
Hope Teddy is better and that you are feeling calmer. Thanks for the trip to Amish country.
I always give thanks for my simple life.

It goes something like this
“Thanks for lord and lady for my uneventful life’

Coffee is on.
clairedulalune said…
I visited a Amish town on my adventures in the US! I loved it, a different world. I have left a little something for you on my blog..........
I'm pretty sure they're Amish, not Mennonite. I believe Old Order Mennonites don't use horses and buggies, but do drive vehicles. But the vehicles are always black and have all the chrome removed (in order to be plain). At least that's the case in Canada! (Hugs to you and Teddy.)
Lyon said…
Oh no! I just read about Teddy, I'm so sorry to hear that. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you guys and hoping all turns out alright.

On a different note, great photos! It looks like you had a fun day.
greekwitch said…
beautiful photos. it is a whole new world! there are no amish people in greece, i do not know in the rest of europe though. it would be cool though to go to work in a carriage.
Anet said…
I have this strange fantasy to be Amish. Although I'd probably freak out by the first week of it!
We love to visit Amish country, it's such a different vibe. I remember my daughter when she was little thought we went to another world and started crying! Oh my!!