Another Giveaway and a Hungry dog

I am half way home and still have so many pics of Salem to post. But I am pooped and want to spend more time than I have now when I post them. So I will give you some frivolous pics right now and post the others when I am home. BTW...I just loved what these people did with their house.

As I was driving all day I was thinking about the giveaway. I am so happy that Rue won it but I also feel so bad that all of the rest of you didn't. I have never done a giveaway because I am simply the biggest giveawayer there is. If I get started, someone is bound to get my kids or my dog in the mail! SO, I decided to do two more giveaways before Halloween. One will be an 'end of my trip' giveaway......I have been shopping a lot and I have a full roof top carrier on my car, hehe!!! The second will be a special Halloween giveaway. I'm not sure exactly how this will work but I have seven hours of driving tomorrow to figure that out. And to shop along the way!

Here is the famous Ipswich Clam Box.

The building is shaped like the box your fried clams are packaged in.

Rockport, I will miss you.

I finally did it. I actually remembered to take pictures of where we ate and what we ate. I must be getting full!

Weight Watcher people click out of here now. FAST!!!

Teddy's dinner. Teddy gets steamers, lobster, shrimp or fish each time we eat. She is a very happy pup!

Lobster pie......sigh!!! Huge chunks of lobster soaked in buttery Ritz Cracker crumbs. Actually I could do without the crackers.

Fried oysters.

Steamers. Steamers are little neck clams. They taste like the ocean!

Lobster roll....what can I say? There simply is nothing quite as wonderful as a good lobster roll. it comes. If you are frightened easily, do not go here. Because, there is nothing more frightening than a hungry Chow Chow and steamers.

This is why God gave man ten fingers. We can get by with only seven or eight.

Who would think something this cute could have given my son 8 puncture wounds when she thought he was interfering with her food? All he could say am I going to play my guitar. This is another separate long story that I will tell at another time. Let's just leave it at this....never get between a Chow Chow and food.

Clam sliders. She doesn't even chew them.

So, stop back to check out the details of the giveaways! I should have the info up on Tuesday.


Autumnforest said…
Oh my gosh! Sounds like a dream vacation to me!!! I'm so happy to see Teddy enjoying some num-nums. Hope she's feeling peppy again.
That Teddy is one spoiled pup! Good for you, Teddy girl!
good to hear your trip went well....
Dede said…
I have really been enjoying this trip. Thank you again for all of the pictures. Thrilled Teddy is feeling so much better.
Pricilla said…
Now I am starving....that lobster roll looks avazing!
MrsB said…
Oh, the food!!! So much yum! I make a lobster pot pie (not that often, lol!) but the top is made with a really rich pie crust type thing. It's to die for! I think the recipe was originally from The Barefoot Contessa.
Wow, Teddy eats better than I do! I am so jealous.

I too need to take a trip up to Salem soon. I haven't been in a long time and I am from Massachusetts!! Whenever I visit my parents there, I keep telling myself - "need to drive up to Salem" but it never happens. I am really disappointed that we're not having much of an autumn this year. I feel like it's gone almost straight to winter. I want my gorgeous New England foliage back!!
Aussiemade said…
Can I have Teddy's leftover's oh we do not have anything like this over here that I know off.
So glad you are having such a great time. I have really been enjoying your trip.
Anet said…
This has been a wonderful trip!
Looks as if Teddy has enjoyed herself as much as the rest of you.

So glad Rue won the giveaway;)
Laurie said…
I could live on seafood. It sounds like you had an amazing trip. Pass those fried oysters!
Judith said…
sounds like you had a great time! but I bet it will good to get home!
Rue said…
I can't thank you enough for offering up those lovely things in Mrs. B's giveaway. I am so excited to have won!

It's so wonderful of you to giveaway more too - if Teddy is up for grabs, I'd definitely enter again! LOL! Although we don't have any freshwater clams in the lakes in our Valley!

Love these photos!
Touchatou said…
I am salivating ! Miammmmmm lol

Teddy looks a lot better now ! Good ! Nothing better than a long trip with loved ones to get your health back !

And I have a poodle which left me some bite marks too... She's quite nasty when food is in front of her too !
I love Woodmans. When I was a kid my parents & I would go there every fall & look at all of the foilage along the way. We have 1 in NH now, but they closed for the season on Nov 1st. My hubby has never been there. He's not big on seafood. Oh, on your other post, I love Pyramid bookstore & when I was little I thought a gable was some type of monster till my Dad brought me to the House of 7 gables.