Baked Brain

This is a recipe I have made for years and years every Halloween. It is called baked brain. You start with a round of brie cheese, mushrooms, garlic, bacon and poblano peppers.

Dice everything into small dice. I added some pepperoni as well.

Pour some olive oil in a saute pan.

Saute everything and add some salt and pepper.

Let this mixture cool.

For this recipe I just buy puff pastry rather than make my own.

Cut the brie in half.

Scoop some of the cheese out to make an indentation. I found out that this cheese is perfect for giving the pup her pills!

Scoop some of the sauteed mixture on to the brie and spread it around.

Cover this with the other half of the brie.

Fold the puff pastry over the brie.

Press all the ends together.

Cut pieces from the second piece of brie and roll them into strings.

Curl them on top of the brie to look like a brain.

Crack egg yolks into individual bowls and add food coloring. Then spread these mixtures over the puff pastry brain.

I used black, red and green. Bake this in a preheated 475 degree oven until brown and bubbling on the edges.

Voila.....baked brain!!!

Cut into it and it oozes all over the plate. When serving this at a party bring it straight from the oven to the guests. It makes a wicked presentation.

This grossed out classrooms of my kids schoolmates each Halloween!

Serve it with crackers. Baked brain might look gross but it is GOOD!!!!!

Look how much my view has changed in two days!

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The Traveler said…
That is awesome! I'll have to add that to my list to try. It looks yummers.
Laura said…
Okay...while it sounds really good...I don't think i could eat something that looks like that. :-)

That looks really awful :-) :-) :-) Perfect for Halloween I belive :-) But with those ingredients it must taste great!
Have a great day now!
Suzie said…
Now this is an intriguing recipe! And what fun!! And the ingredients sound so good together! This is a keeper! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

Oh, and I love your little witch that you have in your window. I think that she is trying to get out to fly to my house! lol
Carapace said…
Oh, that's a great idea! Let's see, I can't use the pastry, but I bet the brie would work on its own...thank you for sharing!
Pricilla said…
OMG! I love it. Soooo very clever!
Did you see your button on Pricilla's blog.
Autumnforest said…
That's sooooo wicked! Fantastic idea.
greekwitch said…
Haha! You are one creative lady!
Tori said…
What a cool idea!
I think it would gross me out too, but man! it sounds delicious!
karisma said…
It looks gross but sounds delicious!
OH.MY.GAWD!!!! Must try this, gross or not ;) I suppose I could always nix the food colouring right? *gryn*
Lyon said…
That looks delicious! I'd have a hard time not eating too much and giving myself a belly ache, it looks really rich but, mmmmm spicy brains lol
I am going to have to make this for our Halloween party. Thank you so much for the recipe.
Anonymous said…
I will be making this very soon, it looks great-thanks for posting! :)
Fantastic presentation... I think I shall try this at our event next year, but surprise my man with a smaller bottle and a nice bottle of wine Saturday night after the sproglets have scampered off to bed.
mrsb said…
OMG that is awesome!!!!
Jennifer in Boise said…
I made your Baked Brain recipe yesterday for our Halloween party, and it was fantastic. It will be made many more times. Thank you!

Jennifer in Boise
Carole said…
Hi, I've been trying to pin this but Pinterest seems to think the images are broken. I'll try again later. Cheers