Chow Chow on the Beach

This lobster boat was pulling traps this morning in front of our house.

You can see the lobster inside the trap.

Obviously he caught something he didn't want along with the lobster and back in it goes.

On the way to Ogunquit we stopped at one of my favorite stores, Stonewall kitchens.

They carry wonderful products and all sorts of unique kitchen items. I bought some of their things to add to the bag I am making for Mrs. B's Halloween give-a-way on October 17th. If you have not entered yet, click on the button on my sidebar and enter. It is easy to do and is really fun. She is giving away all kinds of items, sometimes as many as 7 a day. These have all been donated to her by her followers.

We stopped in Ogunquit to visit one of my favorite candy stores. They do not allow pictures to be taken inside the store though....darn!!!

It is a charming little town lined with restaurants and shops.

All of their candy is handmade on the premises.

They make sugarplums for Christmas each year.

Then we drove to Well's Beach. There are large tidal marshes before you reach the ocean.

You can just imagine all the marine life living in these.

The sand is packed and hard so it is easy to walk on the beach here. It is littered with granite rocks.

This is one of Maine's old resort beaches. There are still many motels from the 50's along the ocean front.

Tide pools form around the rocks at low tide.

They provide good places for seagulls to find food.

Some people refer to gulls as flying rats. Seagulls used to be found only at the ocean but have now migrated inland too.

Teddy really enjoyed the beach.

This is the beginning of her typical beach move. When you see her head go up....

...and then she leans forward....

....and here she goes.....

.....she is down and rolling!!!!

This picture is NOT upside down! Good look at the black tongue!

She drops and rolls....

...and rolls some more.

She gets up and shakes....

Then walks a bit more.

She checks out the territory.

And then she goes down again.

This is rolling bliss. Look at those legs.

She pushes her body into the sand.

This is a primal instinct in dogs.

When they are in a new environment with many new smells, the first thing they do is roll around in it. This coats them with the local smell and disguises their smell so they will not be vulnerable to predators. For Teddy this means a grooming appointment as soon as we return home.

This guy had an 'eagles eye view'.

He let me get very close but then became annoyed.

So off he flew.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Now I am really dating myself!

After we left the beach we stopped for dinner and had this areas famous lobster pie, award winning seafood chowder, lobster rolls and halibut. Have you noticed the obvious lack of food pictures on this trip. Piggies that we are, we are so quick to gobble the food, we keep forgetting to take pictures of it. I guess you just have to use your imagination!

We are heading back to Salem tomorrow so there will be many more posts detailing it over the next few days.


Hibiscus Moon said…
Wow, amazingly gorgeous! That dog of yours is just too adorable for words.
Rock and roll, Teddy, rock and roll!!!
Patti said…
Thanks for the memories...I spent quite a bit of time in Maine growing up. i miss new England so much. There's nothing like the beach off season. I enjoyed your photos
Dede said…
Gorgeous pictures. So glad to see Teddy is feeling better!
Pricilla said…
Teddy looks so happy ..... and HEALTHY! It's a joy to see.

What always fascinated me about Maine, especially coming from NJ were the huge tidal differentials.

I loved it there.
Aussiemade said…
How lovely to see Teddy having such a fun time! I love your photos of the sea gull. Johnathon livingston seagull I loved that story. :)
Touchatou said…
Love Ogunquit and it is looking better than 10 years ago. They did a good job with their facades.
I am so glad to know why my dog rolls herself in a kind of... things... lol
Since I love the ocean, those pictures were really welcome :-) It´s impossible not to see how Teddy loves to be there. But my dogs never rolls when comming to new places, perhaps because they are three?

What is a sugerplum? I´ve heard about them but have no idea what it is :-9

Beautiful little town! It looks so different from those over here.
Have a great day now!
Anet said…
An over load of Teddy cuteness!!!