Cupcakes and Lobster

Before I show you where we ate lunch, I thought I would show you closeups of the cupcakes from the world's best cupcake store....Rockin' Cupcakes. Check out this piece of decadence.

Perhaps you would like a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting?

Or a Boston cream pie cupcake which, besides all of the glory you can see here, has cream in the middle too.

A chocolate berry cupcake maybe?

Or an apple spice one?

Why not try one of each?

If you have never been to New England then perhaps you have never seen the most desirable type of place to eat.
When you see a place like this you just know you are about to have a great meal.

Forget the fancy Boston restaurants with linens and crystal.

And their fancy ladies and men's rooms.

You are in like you are from 'downeast'!!!

Often the people that own these places live right next door.

This is where your food is served and the condiments are help yourself to the left of the window.

Be careful that you don't run over any of your food when you are driving in.

It's hard to make a choice.

Place your order here.

Your dinner was caught using one of these traps. food pictures. Buuuurp....we were too hungry to let the food pose for you.

After we ate we were on our way to Freeport, Maine. The outlet shopping mecca of the Northeast. You know you are almost there when you spy it in the distance.......

The FBI....locally known as the 'fucking big Indian'!!!!!

Tomorrow I am off to Salem very early to hopefully snap millions of tourist free photos! I will post late afternoon when I return.


Pricilla said…
ah, man. can they ship those cupcakes?
Oh, how lovely! Wish I were there, too!
Autumnforest said…
I'll have the Boston Cream one, please. Oh, and a lobster roll sandwich! Yums! Hope you're having a blast. Looks like it!
Aussiemade said…
Okay can you put on weight just looking at photos of cupcakes? Sound and look delicious.
I will now have dreams of crabmeat and lobster. Mind you we have delicious cray fish(lobster) down here, It will be their season soon and I may just have to buy some this year. They are incredibly expensive here. $50US.. or more sometimes. I prefer crab myself.
Laura said…
oh my gosh.. i want a dozen cupcakes... with lots of them being the red velvet with cream cheese icing... mmmmm...
Pattee said…
What a wonderful bunch of pictures!
Cupcakes ~ who knew they'd make a comeback!
Touchatou said…
Decadence, I love decadence ! Miummmmmmmm
Judith said…
went to maine for my honeymoon, (not my idea!) believe it our not...because my hubby wanted to see the "worlds smallest post office", yeah he was with the post office.. before he passed he actualy made it to become a postmaster of his own.. but I hit every lobster stand I could find while there, yummmmy
Guillaume said…
The cupcakes at our local store look so boring in comparison to those. I think I should try to bake some.
Is cup cakes so popular that one can have a cup cake buissness in the US? Even if they looked delicious I don´t think it would work over here. But comming from the swedish westcoast I sure now how it is to eat lobster and crabmeat :-)
Have a great day now!