The End of the Trip

Each year this family from Weedsport, New York, turns one of those big rolls of hay into a Halloween decoration. They used plastic plates for the eyes and empty coffee cans for Frankenstein's bolts.

Pumpkins for sale.

The County Seat in Mayville, New York.

Driving down the road you can see Lake Chautauqua in the distance.

This lake is about 27 miles long but very narrow. It is a very deep, cold lake and the perfect place to fish for Muskies. Muskellunge are known as the fighting fish. They scare the crap out of me!!!! You should see their teeth!

I left the main highway and drove all the way to Chautauqua just to visit this store and it was closed. Bummer!!! This is one of my favorite shops.

Actually there are a number of shops all located behind the original brick house which now is a restaurant.

A tiny yarn cottage with incredible knitting supplies and yarn.

Behind each of these doors is a shop.

In season this building is a nursery carrying wonderful perennials.

Metals sculptures for the garden.

These dried hydrangeas made a wonderful rustling noise in the breeze.

Though disappointed that my favorite shops were closed, I managed to find some pumpkins, apple cider and local maple syrup at this farm stand just down the road.

When leaving Chautauqua you can catch a glimpse of Lake Erie off in the distance. The dark blue just above the trees is this time of year it is referred to as Lake Eerie.

I stopped at one of the local vineyards.

I lived in this area years ago and though grapes were grown here, there were no vineyards at all.

Driving through here now there is one winery after another.

Grape cover the terrain.

I noticed that the picking machines remove the individual grapes and not bunches.

Grapes are planted as far as the eye can see. I always find these rolling fields of grapes to be just awesome. I drive my kids crazy ohhing and ahhing over them.

And I found more pumpkins!!! Lake pumpkins for Halloween!

Then I drove past the Welchs plant. That steam rising from the plant smelled like Concord grapes.

Isn't this a cute idea? These people planted a tipped over barrel with Impatiens so it looks like they are spilling out of the barrel. Click for a better look.

The barrel is next to this cute little house.

This area is Westfield, New York. This statue of Abraham Lincoln and a young girl commemorates her writing a letter to Abe when he was running for president and telling him he would look better with a beard. He listened and grew a beard and was elected.

This is another piece of real estate I looked at four years ago. It is a lighthouse on Lake Erie. It is incredibly charming but it is on a hill overlooking the lake and the land between it and the water is owned by someone else. It is still on the market.

This is the end of the posts on the Fall trip. Now I have a lot of catching up to do at home and it is one week until Halloween!! Yikes...I am running out of time!!!


The Frog Queen said…
Yum.....grape juice! :)

Autumnforest said…
My ultimate dream? A writer living a lighthouse. How romantic! I love the cute places. I love those roadside produce stands too. My favorite things are the metal yard sculptures--way cool!
Thanks for sharing your trip with us, Jaz! It was *almost* as good as being there myself!
Domestic Witch said…
Are you interested in posting more photos of the Practical Magic Spellbook? Like maybe a photo of each page, is that too much to ask? haha!
Oh, I would love living in a light house :-) Great pictures as always! Nowdays there are grapes that can manage our climate too, so in the best places in this country they now grow and make wine. My american grape hasn´t produced any grapes yet, but I´m hoping the first ones comes next year :-)
Have a great day now!
Anonymous said…
what great photos, looks like it was a fun trip!
Suzie said…
What a fantastic trip! Somehow you managed to take pictures of everything that I'd love to see!

It was like I was a stowaway inside your suitcase! lol

Thanks SO MUCH for sharing your journey with us!
Pricilla said…
So how many pumpkins did you bring home? heh heh

The hubby and I always look at the real estate ads when we travel too.

And look what happened.....
I love frankenstein... too cute.... I will miss your pictures..
Wendy Hawksley said…
*sigh* I'm so homesick now.

Lovely photos. The Frankenstein hay bale is wonderful! I have to go make a Charles Wysocki puzzle now.
I like your scarecrow on your sidebar.

Coffee is on.
Touchatou said…
Fancy hay rolls ! It is a new trend up here this year, but nothing so cute. ;)

Do you still have space in your car for all those pumpkins ? lolll

Kisses, Lulu
Rue said…
Love all the pumpkins - I'd need a u-haul trailer to get home because I'd be buying a dozen at each stop!