Freeport and a Give-a-way

I joined Mrs. B's 31 days of October Give-a-way as a donor. You can click on her button in my sidebar to enter. I am collecting all sorts of things along the way on this trip and will assemble them in a nice tote and ship them all to the winner!!! Some lucky winner will receive items from Skaneateles, Salem, Rockport, Freeport and everywhere else I visit. She is giving prizes away every day this month. When you have some extra time click on that button and visit Mrs. B!!!!

I pulled into a parking lot in Freeport and saw this sign.

This one was right next to it!

Though Freeport is filled with outlet shops they have a very strict building code. All the shops must match the New England architecture. Doesn't it look like you could live in this Banana Republic?

All stores should look this nice.

This sure doesn't look like a typical Starbucks.

The Dooney and Burke looks like an old factory.

LL Bean has added new buildings and separated their departments into them. The boat store has paddles for door handles.

They have created a campus for their stores.

The famous LL Bean boot in a size extra large!

The housewares store has lobster door pulls.

Adirondack chairs in all colors.

And just in front of LL Bean is the famous Ben and Jerry's ice cream stand. For all ice cream lovers out there, they just put out a limited batch of Ginger Snap. OMG is this stuff good and I don't even like ice cream. My advice is to hunt it down fast and eat as much as you can before it is all gone.

The storefronts here are so nicely decorated.

After shopping we stopped at a new candy store. I love this old pickup truck.

The store is painted a pumpkin orange. It also looks like a wonderful colonial house.

I will be adding another post this evening so check back if you have time.


Cool shops. I love how they are in old buildings - or at least ones that look old. Gives them so much character.
Pricilla said…
oOOH, I would like to enter. Is there a cupcake in the bag? Is there a cupcake in the bag? I hope so....

I have been to that LL Bean!
Touchatou said…
We don't have Ben & Jerry's here, but when I went to Ogunquit I fell into the mochachino ice cream pot ! So delicious !

Love the look of the stores : a big difference from the ugly buildings they usually are in.

Candy store ? Did you buy anything ? (we'd like to see some lol)
Dede said…
This place looks awesome. Thanks for taking me along with you! The storefronts look like you had a hand in the decorating.
The Frog Queen said…
Thanks for the tour. I don't know about you, but I am having a great time :)

Anet said…
What a wonderful town!
Laura said…
you are making me want to move up north! what a wonderful trip!
That red pick-up should be MINE dang it! :o)