Halfway There

There are two posts today.
Somehow I posted these in reverse order. This was a long trip. If you want the correct order read the next post first. Sorry!

Halfway to our destination we spend a night in one of the prettiest towns I've ever seen. Skaneateles, New York. It is right at the tip of Lake Skaneateles, one of the finger lakes. This is the cleanest lake in the country. This gazebo sits right at the tip of the lake in a wonderful park.

This is the side of a restaurant which looks out on the top of the lake.

There are shops all along the main street with apartments and condos over them and this is the back of those buildings looking out on the lake.

The main street looks like something right out of a movie.

One shop is more charming than the next.

They understand pumpkins here too.

Part of the park surrounding the tip of the lake.

I will have much more of this wonderful town which I will post in the morning. If I don't feed the weary travelers they might get hostile!


Pricilla said…
So, how many pumpkins did you buy?
heh heh
greekwitch said…
What a calm place!
By the way, i want to live in the house that is for sale! 275.000 for such a beautiful house?
greekwitch said…
Crazy as i am i showed the pictures to P( i often do it when i see something beautiful) and then i showed him the house. I told him i want us to move there. And he whispered mm thinking it was just wishful thinking. And then i did my puppy eyes begging looks and of course it did not work! He thinks i am crazy for being serious about that(which i totally am) but this was so amazingly beautiful!
There are n't houses like that here. Not a single one!
Autumnforest said…
I agree! I'm ready to pack and go. That's amazing. When I go on vacations that are this charming, I think to myself "it's unfair that people live this way every day." I feel runout and worn from living in the desert so long. I find myself getting frustrated when I vacation in places like that because I know have to go home. Luckily, you go home to paradise, so that makes the trip one you can just relax and enjoy and not feel melancholy when you leave. I love the pic's. I want to jump into them. Have a super fun time!
Rue said…
What a beautiful town! I love that 'old town' feel!
Laurie said…
Beautiful photos ~ what a charming town!
What a wonderful little town! It sure do looks like it is in a movie!
Have a great day now!