Halloween and Salem

Who recognizes this building?????? Ferris....Ferris. This is the building from the movie Hocus Pocus. Remember when the witches were in the incinerator? This used to be a school and now it is condos.

A Celtic cross on a post by a driveway.

Crow Haven Corner.....a witch store.

They do tarot readings.

A huge bronze sculpture beside the museum.

Witches for sale.

A witch bridal hat.

This is the place for spooky!

Another witch bridal hat.

This art is amazing. The artist painted the plastic and metal vintage witch collectibles that are so expensive and popular right now. The paintings look exactly like plastic and metal.

A cat painted by the artist.

This is a maze which was being set up on Hawthorne Commons. I am sure it will be filled with pumpkins too.

Hawthorne Commons is right in the heart of Salem next to the Hawthorne Hotel. When my children were small we had a red light up football and would go out late at night and toss the football around in the dark.

This house looks out on Hawthorne Commons.
Another house on the Commons.

And another....these homes are huge. They are over 6000 or more square feet.

Salem is home to a fabulous candy company called Harbor Sweets.

There will be pieces of their wonderful candy in the next giveaway which I will hopefully have posted tomorrow. I just returned home and can't get it together tonight.....yawn!!!!

You can see the toffee on the tables waiting to be cut.

A woman sits at a table wrapping each individual piece. No mass production here.

You can see the hand packed boxes sitting on the table to the right.

They have a TV showing how their chocolates are made.

This is their signature piece. It is called a 'sweet sloop'. It looks like a sailboat and is made of toffee, covered in white chocolate. The bottom is dipped in dark chocolate and chopped nuts.

A few more views of Salem. This is a steeple on one of the many churches in town.

One of the many "haunted" tourist attractions.

This is a very interesting place. It sits adjacent to the Salem Burial Ground I showed you the other day. There were terrible rains in Salem years ago and the foundation to this building gave way and the cemetery washed into the basement. Ever since, the building has been haunted. Businesses open but close very quickly here. It sits empty for long periods of time. Recently it opened as a restaurant again so we shall see how long it lasts.

Here is another wonderful example of the architecture you can see in this town.

More tomorrow and I hope to have the giveaway up and running. Now it is time to Zzzzzzzzzz. Night!!!!


oh my I love all your photos... there are so many things... too many to count... I love the art store with the black cat and the gravestone... the toffee... I think I would have to spend a whole afternoon there... the celtic cross... like I said... I am so envious of you.... love it...
Those bridal witch's hats are amazing! I'd love to see a witch bride wearing that with her gown!
William Bezek said…
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D.Suplicki said…
I came over from Rue's blog. :)

I adored this post, I haven't been to Salem in a few years and it makes me miss it so much. So many wonderful things there and the atmosphere is so different from where I live.

Beautiful photos. :)

Krissy said…
LOVE the picture of the building from Hocus Pocus!! And the witch store? Too cool! Love the name and the bridal hat!
Pricilla said…
Wow! What a great trip. I am glad you had so much fun.
Mmmmm, toffee!
Anet said…
Okay, that's it! I'm starting plans for a trip to Salem!
I'm about insane with all the witchy fun stuff for sale and the history!
Treaya said…
I LOVE those witch hats. I might have to go there just to buy them.
Heather said…
What lovely little stores... and the Chow in the water totally cracks me up (even though that's in a later post... still had to mention it!)

Please stop by my party and giveaway!

Erin said…
You had much better weather than I did when I went the 19th! My trip was very overcast, although it added somewhat to the ambiance too, hehe.
Looks like you had a wonderful trip! Seeing all these photos makes me miss October so much :( *sniff*