Halloween Treats of All Kinds

Halloween treats from nature in my backyard. Click on the picture for a closer look.

They are falling on my garden table.

And they've fallen on my pumpkins.

And they've fallen on my pup.

She doesn't seem to mind.

The last treats from the garden.

And treats from my kitchen.

I made pumpkin doughnuts with maple frosting.

With an antique doughnut cutter.

And pumpkin doughnut holes with cinnamon sugar.

For a big Sunday breakfast.

Then I made everyone's favorite treat.....popcorn balls. And because they looked plain and not decadent enough...

I drizzled caramel over them.

Mmmmmm....looks like Halloween to me.

Help yourself.

Then I made Aussie sausage rolls.

So simple but so good.

Fresh from the oven.

And perfect for breakfast.

And one last treat for today. Candy apples.

I boiled the sugar, water and corn syrup and threw in some cinnamon nonpareils.

Then rolled the apples in it to coat them.

Taffy apples with twig handles.

Stay tuned for more Halloween treats.

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Rue said…
It's like a feast for my eyes...but my tummy wants some too! Beautiful pumpkin doughnuts - and I love candy apples, but I can't find them around here.

I think you need to have us all over for breakfast - lol!
Anonymous said…
I swear, I want to live with you. Yummy food, adorable dog, beautiful yard.........I'd be happy in your house.;)
The pumpkin donuts with maple frosting TOTALLY got to me. MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
greekwitch said…
I am about to grab a flight and come trick or treating! If you do all that now when you will have a grandchild what are you going to do? By the way i need to eat something sweet right now. You are ruining my healthy nutrition plan. Can i have a dounut please?
The twig handles on the candy apples are adorable! And what spectacular fall colours your trees are treating you to, lucky Jaz!
Pricilla said…
I am so glad Teddy is doing so well. Makes me smile.

I have been making goat's milk caramel like it's going out of style. I probably should stop before I turn into a caramel goat.
Autumnforest said…
Thanks for the reminder, I promised my son doughnuts--better get making them! I love the picture of Teddy with the leaves on her. Lucky pup! She looks like she's guarding her autumn paradise. :-)
Wow! I am SO hungry right now!
The Frog Queen said…
Yummy!!! Wish I was there. The Teddy picture is adorable!!

Lots of good stuff there :-) I´ve never heard of Popcorn balls before. Doesn´r the pop corn get soft inside? And Taffy apples MMMMMM :-)
Have a great day now!
Birgit said…
Oh, can I come over for some treats? Everything looks just delicious! :) Besides, your trees look stunning -- I would take heaps of photos for sure. By the way, my favorite two photos of this lot are the ones of your dog -- precious! :)

Greetings from Munich,
D.Suplicki said…
My mouth is watering! All of the doughnuts and apples and sausages look absolutely delicious.

Your yard is beautiful as well! The perfect place to enjoy pumpkin doughnuts and want the leaves fall.
clairedulalune said…
Oh, this blog makes me so hungry!!!!
by the way thanks so much for the instructions on the home made vanilla.. cant wait to try it.... Those popcorn balls look so good...they are my old time memory food for halloween... Yet will say this never had them with caramel... sound delicious....
oh yea... see I got side tracked by the popcorn balls and forgot to ask... will you give us the recipe for the Aussie saugage rolls... they look good too
Do you ship food? If not, will you consider selling and shipping it?

Please? Oh good goddess, I'm going into a sugar coma just looking.

I'm looking at your blog, and I don't see a store anywhere. If that's the case, you're missing out on an major moneymaking enterprise....I'd sure buy from you!

I'm not kidding. Really.
I don't see a button...Do you have one? I want to post it on my site...
Touchatou said…
You are a sadist, my friend !!! loll It all looks so decadent as you say ! Aussie sausage rolls ? Yummy !
Laura said…
yum, yum, yum... :)
Wendy Hawksley said…
What lovely photographs. I know I've told you before that you make me homesick for New England. But now even going back to Delaware (where we lived for the past 10 years) will do! :-D
Anet said…
Holy Smokes!!! Why'd ya show me this!!!!!!!
I'd trick or treat at your house any day:)
Tori said…
You made me hungry! And right before bed, too. I'll have to eat a big breakfast in the morning!
Oh my.. the candy apples with TWIG handles just totally do it for me! Those are so great :) Your pumpkin display is just spectacular!
Lyon said…
Oh my Goddess. You are some sort of culinary dynamo. I don't know how you even find the time for making all that food -but I'd love to try to do the same. ;-) Thank you for sharing. Now I need a second breakfast just to keep up. lol
mrsb said…
Oh, please share the recipe for the sausage rolls! They look awesome! As do the candy apples! I'd love the measurements for those, too! I'm so stealing the twig idea!!
Suzie said…
Your yard is lookinig SO beautiful! I just want to come over and sit to enjoy the view.

There is something about your puppy woofer that makes me smile every time I see a photo. Such a cuddly looking dog! Those looks makes you wonder just what is going on in that doggy mind. lol

Ummm, am I the only one that is noticing that one of the donuts looks like it has a slight nibble out of one, that was then disguised with glaze? A little unofficial taste testing going on behind the scenes? Hmmmmm?? lol

All of your treats look SO delicious. I wouldn't know where to start!!
Oh, I would love to eat one of those candy apples right now...they are so beautiful! As are the trees in your yard...they look like they were painted...gorgeous!