Here We Are

This is where we are staying.

This is the ocean in front of us edged with granite rocks.

This is what lies between the house and the rocks. There are walking paths cutting through this.

The houses are enclosed by either fences or.....

rubagosa roses.

Most garages store lobster buoys on their sides.

This is the house next to us. Many houses are sided with cedar shakes.

This is the granite house two doors down. I am in love with this house.

The walls surrounding it are granite and there are large granite balls sitting on top of them.

It even has a granite guest house which is closer to the water.

Another view from our front yard.

This is the view in the opposite direction.

We are situated at the tip of a peninsula. It feels like we are on an island. There are many tiny walking paths and small cottages. This daisy grows everywhere.

Who or what is lurking behind the roses?

Ah ha...the sick puppy who seems to have been cured by the salt air. Or the 2 lobsters she has eaten including part of the shells. Or maybe the pound of steamers she downed yesterday along with some oyster crackers. Chow Chows were bred in Northern China and fed a diet of fish and seafood. It is her genetic natural food to eat and believe me, she knows it.

She would sit out here all day with the sea breeze blowing in her face if she could. It gets a bit cold for us humans who have a bit less hair.

I just told her she has to come inside. Check out the look on her face. I think she is telling me where I can go.

She knows if she goes down I am a sucker for doing belly rubs so she tries this move.

Belly rub bliss. I am so happy to see her feeling better I would rub her belly all day!

There are so many cute houses on the way into town.

A sign by a church.

Rockport is a seriously sweet town.

This red lobster shack is the most photographed building in North America.

It sits at the entrance to a little cove where the fishermen keep their lobster boats.


Some of these pics are out of order. This is back in front of our place.

This is one of the lobster boats from the cove above. I took this just after sunrise this morning. They have just pulled their traps and are taking the lobsters back to town. Teddy and I just ate some of those lobsters.

Almost every house has a weathervane.

This is a view of downtown Rockport on the way into town.

You can see the church steeple.

This is a beach just before town.

This is the above mentioned lobster shack up close.

I hope you enjoyed the first pics of the area. Lots more tomorrow!


Anonymous said…
Oh my! I'd love to be on a vacation in the place you're in right now. Beautiful! And I'm jumping up and down over here cus I got to see Teddy!!!
Laura said…
oh how fabulous! i would love to visit there not to mention live there! glad to see Teddy enjoying herself.
Pricilla said…
You wouldn't want to adopt me, would you?
motheralice said…
OOhhh, I love the granite house!! Looks like a wonderful place to visit!
Anonymous said…
I am so jealous! I got a chance to visit New England last year at this time and I am wanting to go back to visit some more!

Lovely pictures and I am so glad that Teddy is feeling better. She looks happy ;o)
Pattee said…
What a wonderful looking vacation ~ Just beautiful!
Thanks for sharing so many wonderful pictures!

I know blogger is doing some weird things lately!
I'm glad that "taking the sea air" is doing Teddy good. That, and all the seafood!
Elizabeth said…
I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the pictures. One day I will go to the east coast and see all this lovely history!