I Am A Leaf Peeper

Leaf peepers are people who travel to see the leaves when they have changed color. Or really weird people with leaf obsessions. Or both. We are in Skaneateles tonight. I can only post a small number of pics because the wifi is moving slower than the maple sap around here. I thought I would at least give you a glimpse into what we saw today.

The pics will be much better if you click to enlarge them. The mountains were awesome with the clouds hovering on them. The clouds looked like smoke.

Bales of hay resting in the sun. Most all of the pics were taken from the car while driving 75 mph so they are not that great.

This is a shot of Keuga Lake. It is absolutely gorgeous driving up the mountain and seeing all of the farms high above the lake. This area is filled with organic farms most of which also produce cheese.

That is part of our caravan ahead. We took 2 cars since there are four of us and the pup. That is the pupmobile ahead of me.

Cute old farmhouses are everywhere.

This is why so many people come to this part of the country in the fall.

Ha!!! I passed the pupmobile. It rained on and off all day.

The lakes are called the Finger Lakes because if you look at them on a map they look like five fingers.

Depending on how the sun hits an area, leaves turn at different times. You can see how green the higher area is compared to the lower area.

Pumpkin field!!!! YES!!!!!

Much more tomorrow!


Looks like a dream trip!
Autumnforest said…
Oh! It's glorious! I can't believe such a world exists. If there's a heaven, I want it to be that.
Tammy said…
Absolutely beautiful, Jaz!

Thanks so much for taking us along today!☺
Pricilla said…
I miss the Fall colors...
Rue said…
The hills look like they have quilts thrown over them, with all that patchwork colour! Beautiful!

Enjoy your day tomorrow - can't wait to see more!
Great pictures!
The colors gets so much more vibrant over on Your continent! Thanks for showing them!
Have a great trip now!
clairedulalune said…
How fantastic Jaz! Those leaves are beautiful. I think I will become a leaf peeper!
Anonymous said…
Oh my...I could just run through that pumkin field!

Lovely pics...as always!
Lyon said…
Gorgeous pictures. I love the finger lakes, it is breath taking any time of year, but especially in the fall. Can't wait to hear more about your trip!
magikalseasons said…
What a wonderful Autumn trip! :)
Laura said…
So beautiful! Have a wonderful trip!
magikalseasons said…
I have a blog awrd for you over at mine :)