I Am a Pooped Peeper!!!

We are finally here. Nothing like Boston driving to have fun with at the end of the trip. But at least they have pumpkins here too! I will start showing New England in tomorrow mornings post. For now I will show you some things I saw on my way here. I think some days I will post twice because there is so much to see.

There were pumpkins for sale everywhere.

We drove through Seneca Falls. This is the home of the suffragettes.

It is a bit run down but you can see that it was quite a fashionable place long ago.

There are still some wonderful homes with beautiful architecture. This is American Gothic, my favorite.

Isn't this one magnificent? Look at the iron work.

This is the main street and is still very quaint.

You don't want to be a chauvinist in this town.

This church is right in the town center.


There are many homes with Mansard roofs.

American Gothic again...this time with red brick. This home is for sale. I search real estate sites all the time and I think this is listed for around 275,000.00 US.

This style is Italianate. I have never seen this many in any other area. They were really popular in Upstate New York during this time period.


Pricilla said…
I love the houses. My old house was a 1904 late Victorian. Gingerbread, wraparound porch, turret, money pit.
Autumnforest said…
Wow! I get tears in my eyes...I wanna be at a pumpkin patch like that!
Love the gingerbread trim on that American Gothic house!
The Frog Queen said…
Love those houses! Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures.

Laura said…
I want to live in any number of those houses! Maybe all of them!!! :-)