It's All About The Food

The best little lobster shack around.

I just love these places.

The owner brings the lobsters in from the cove just behind this place.

His shack is located on Bear's Neck.

Crabs in the tank.

And always plenty of lobsters.

You know it's good when it is frequented by all the local firemen and police. They always know the best places to eat.

Never grab a lobster unless it is banded.

A painting of the red lobster shack Rockport is famous for hangs on the wall.

Oh no....a crab is making a break for it. Smart crab!

Roy stirs the lobsters in the boiling water.

Then tosses them on the counter to drain. He has all the butter containers lined up.

Lobster has to be cooked perfectly or it will be mushy or gummy. Roy knows exactly when to pull them out.

The chowder guy. I have eaten chowder for lunch and dinner every day since we arrived. Everyone has a different recipe, each claiming theirs to be the best. Some chowders are very thick while others are more liquid. And god forbid you mention Manhattan clam chowder in this neck of the woods!!! You will be run out of town.

Roy will crack the lobster for you too. At this time of year the lobsters have molted, shed their shells. The new shells aren't very thick and you can actually get the meat out easily without using a cracker.

I am sure the only thing that has changed on this sign in years has been the price.


Autumnforest said…
Wow! Excellent pics! I feel like I'm on vacation with you. That makes me all nostalgic. I not only had to put the bait in the crab traps and get them out, but I was also armed with a broom while my mom boiled the buggers--one would always scramble out from under the lid and scramble across the floor to hide under the stove.
The lobster shack is charming!
LJ said…
Mmmmmm....seafood! Thanks for all the wonderful piccies!

Guillaume said…
I like lobsters, although I find them difficult to eat. Seafood and fish made the Fish Friday tradition enjoyable to former Catholics like me.
magikalseasons said…
Love Lobsters! Yum! Thanks for sharing your trip with all of us! :)
Okay...we MUST do Maine next year! And I want to go straight to that Lobster Shack and meal out! :o) Hope you are having a nice vacation!