The Last Leaves of Fall

I don't ever want to live anywhere that doesn't have the four seasons like we have in the northeast.

Maybe it is just what I am used to and what comforts me.

But I have lived many places with much different climates and I always missed spring and fall.

When I lived much farther north, spring and fall came and went before you noticed.

The leaves did not show the beautiful colors I was used to.

I never want to miss out on colors like these again.

Soon this will be ice.

The side path is visible again.

The snake knot has lost it's green backdrop.

New leaves have joined the maples.

The locusts are almost bare.

Their leaves cover the ground.

And the pool cover.

And my raised beds.

Even Teddy gets her share of leaves.

I hope that those of you that don't get to enjoy fall had a vicarious fall experience through me this year!

I will be back tomorrow and will be posting pics of this trip.


Tori said…
I would never want to miss out on Autumn! I don't understand how anyone could want to live somewhere without the four seasons. Maybe it's like you said- it's what we get used to so it's comforting.
I was in Ontario one fall. I was amazed at the brillance of the colors... I could have stayed there forever... I still have not made it to the east coast during the fall months but hope to one day.... I do agree.. the colors and sites are not the same any place else... I love your garden gate... wonderful....
~*~Aria~*~ said…
I lived in Arizona for a few years and let me tell you, it was very depressing. I grew up in Michigan so I always had the four seasons, when we moved to Phoenix I lost soo much time. It's like"Hot and hotter" are their seasons. The decorating of cacti in the winter also through me off D:

Your garden is absolutely stunning, I hope to be so lucky one day :3
motheralice said…
Autumn is a marvel, especially in your garden!!

Also, I love the snake knot!
Guillaume said…
Nature is never as beautiful as when it is dying. I will post some pics about a recent trip in Bath, I am not as good a photpgrapher as you but some images were stunning.
Pricilla said…
Our fall is rather devoid of color. The larches turn yellow but that's it. I do miss the colors of home but the scenery here is stunning.

I hope you had a great time on your trip!
Autumnforest said…
Blow some of those pretties my way! Ah....looks so nice! I love the snakeknot too! Wow!