Pumpkins and Cubanos

More pumpkin play. I intended to decorate tables and mantels throughout my house with all of my thrift shop finds and pumpkins. However, with Teddy not being allowed to use the stairs, I had to block them off. Every time I go upstairs, I have to crawl over a big stuffed chair which would really make it difficult to carry all of this stuff into the house to decorate. So, I am just using the stone table outside to set up displays.

This dragon was a funky blue color when I bought it.

Painted black it becomes a cool Halloween decoration.

This bowl and both vases were originally white. Painted mat black they look rather elegant.

The birds nest that fell out of the tree last summer now snuggles a small pumpkin.

I bought this scale at a thrift shop too. I've gone through a lot of black paint!

I like the contrast between the formal gold pillars and candlesticks and the earthy pumpkins.

This old metal mirror was another thrift shop find which I painted.

Have you ever eaten a Cubano sandwich? If you are a fan of the tv show "Dexter" you will know it is his favorite sandwich. They are very popular in the south especially in the Miami area and also, of course, in Cuba.

They are made on a special bread which I can not buy so I make it myself.

Plus, everything tastes better on homemade bread.

This type of pickle works best.

I also roast my own pork. This looks really disgusting but it was very tasty.

I forgot to take a picture of it but you need a really good ham. I used Black Forest ham. These sandwiches use a lot of meat so don't skimp. Slice the roll in half and layer ham, cheese, pickles, more cheese (always use Swiss cheese).....

and sliced pork.

Also, spread yellow mustard on the roll.

Assemble the sandwich and spread the entire roll with butter. No one said these were low-cal sandwiches!

Place them on a griddle or panini press.

I use a grill pan with a weighted top. Grill over medium heat pressing down to flatten them.

Here is the finished sandwich. The cheese should be melted and the crust will be crunchy. YUM!!!

*Halloween Memories: Unlike today's trick or treat practice, we always waited until it got dark to start knocking on doors. We carried flashlight so we could see where we were going. All the houses had their Jack O'Lanterns lighted and their plastic pumpkins were glowing. It all added to the mystery of Halloween.


Laura said…
i love your displays.. i really miss the old halloween days (when i was a kid) and people really particpated...i've enjoyed reading about your halloween memories.

ps...hope Teddy is doing better
I love the skulls on the scales of justice! Your displays are awesome!
LJ said…
Oh my, those sammiches look YUMMY! Can I move in with you? You have all kinds of good things going on at your house.
Your displays looks great! The dragon is so cool!

I could like that sandwich if it wasn´t for the mustard. The only time I eat mustard is on our christmnas ham. But then it´s a must!
Have a great day now!
Autumnforest said…
Oh, you just had to show that when I started a liquid protein diet. Yums!!! I will put that on my list for supper some time, since I'm having a normal meal then. I love the decorations--amazing. Have you ever tried using iron paint and oxidizer atop of it to make things rusted? I love that stuff-use it on everything. They also have a copper paint with oxidizer to make it vertigris. I could go nuts with all that fun stuff! Hope Teddy is feeling a bit more perky.
Pricilla said…
Are there headlines in your part of the country about a pumpkin shortage?

heh heh
The Frog Queen said…
Those pumpkins look perfect! What a great job you do!

Touchatou said…
Decter rocks ! lol My favorite show !

I really like the way the mat black paint enhances details of the object. It makes them look "chic", elegant.

The black scale with the white skulls is amazing !
Rue said…
Those sandwiches are amazing! I would eat those every day - no wonder Dexter like them!
Bridgett said…
Your pumpkin displays are amazing. Just love everything oodles.

And that sandwich? YUM.

Amy Lou Who said…
You are more crafty than I, that's for sure! Amazing finds - and paint jobs! A+ Awesome displays.

The sandwich looks scrumpcious! Now I am starving...lol!
BelladonnasJoy said…
I love your stuff!! What caught my eye is the 'stone table'. It really conjures up some ideas of how it might be used. Love it. Most of all I love how you make me want to cook and bake even more than I do! Thanks for sharing your talents here!