Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere

I added a witch hat to the pumpkin display.

I pulled out the tomato plants yesterday and looked at the tomato cages and thought, what a perfect place to display pumpkins!

The colors of Indian corn


Even ones that match trucks.

Remember these shoes my daughter had made for me months ago? I think the time is finally here to wear them.

They have pictures of the Salem Witch Trials on the sides.

Of course, pumpkins on the front.

The best ever poem for the backs. Click for a better view.

These are Keds.

You can go to their website and design any kind of shoe you want.

My pumpkin night light.

It gives off a nice orange glow.

I found some new Halloween candy.

How about liquid candy blood? In IV bags too!

And my sister's all time favorite candy bar Skybars came out with a new item for the release of the movie, New Moon.

Another new candy corn flavor.

And look who is hiding in the bushes waiting to scare someone.

She is actually looking through the gate waiting to see if the bad kitty shows up.

*Halloween Memories: Since I just showed the bag of candy from the New Moon movie, I am wondering who remembers Skybars? They were always one of my favorites to get on Halloween. They were four 'pillows' of chocolate connected in a bar. One was filled with peanut butter, one was caramel, one was a creamy marshmallow and the other was nougat. They still sell them!


Tammy said…
I would love to find the skybars and send them to my two youngest sisters who are huge Twilight fans!
Marjorie said…
Those sneakers are awesome!
magikalseasons said…
Those shoes are great! Love the Indian corn I wish the deer hadn't eaten mine! :)
Oh, that liquid candy blood is just outrageous! Love it.
Anet said…
So many great things here!
I love your shoes, I'm going to check out that site!
Caramel Apple candy corn?! are you kidding!
BelladonnasJoy said…
OK, I want to come to your house for Halloween! Do you play the spooky music too? We have just finished our annual 'Scarecrow Festival' in Mahone Bay. The scarecrows are still up so I'm going to take some pics and post on my blog...if it ever stops raining. I'm not sure if other towns do this, but I love it. Thanks for the pictures of your wicked Keds. Cool!
Pricilla said…
The candy blood is hysterical!
Did you grow the Indian Corn? I've never tried it we have a short growing season here.

Coffee is on.
Loving all your Fall pumpkin projects Jaz! So very festive! :o)
You really live for Halloween ever year :-) I love that blood!
Have a great day now!
Rue said…
Love the Keds!

It's so good to see Teddy up and around, and waiting to surprise the bad kitty!
Anonymous said…
Oh Jaz...that blood is gross! he he.
Your theme is getting more outrageous as October goes on...I love it...you are amazing...I don't know how you do it all.

Lovely to see Teddy-girl looking so well!
Lyon said…
I just have to say those are the coolest shoes ever!!
Broom Hilda said…
Love those fall shoes! ^_^