I played with my pumpkins today.

I arranged some of them with my owls.

Here is the ceramic pedestal I found at the thrift store a few weeks ago.

And here are the metal plant holders I bought for a dollar each. I painted them and they are perfect for holding pumpkins.

I also filled the cage with gourds and pumpkins.

And I swagged some bittersweet over the top.

I replaced the owls on the plant stand with pumpkins.

I put pumpkins in the birdfeeder.

And put some on the hanging feeder behind the cage.

A big green gourd fit right in the middle.

Even the hand birdfeeder holds a pumpkin.

And the little chair.

If there is such a thing as pumpkin fever I think I have it.

I even made pumpkin cupcakes.

My daughter is taking them to work.

At least I didn't decorate them with pumpkins.

Check out the cool wrought iron fence cupcake wrappers.

*Tomorrow I will be posting a bit later than usual. We are off on another day trip.


Callie said…
Oh! I would love to visit and walk around and see all the displays you have made. Wonderful!
Tammy said…
Pass a cupcake please! ;D

Happy First Day of October!☺
Anonymous said…
Your yard.......I'm in love with it. And OMG the cupcake wrappers!!! I'd give my eye teeth to know what store you found those in!

magikalseasons said…
Perfect Pumpkins! Yummy cupcakes!:)
Autumnforest said…
Have a fun trip! I wish I were in your neighborhood. I'd love to sit and have some hot team in the garden near all the pumpkins! Nice use of the things you've found at the flea markets. You really should write a book with photos of all your collections and all about your Octoberfarm...
Pricilla said…
Holy pumpkins Batman!

Those cupcake holders are fantastic!
The Frog Queen said…
Those pictures are perfect! How fun it must have been to set all that up. And those cupcakes!!?!? Where do you work exactly? :D

Hibiscus Moon said…
Yep, she has it...Pumpkin Fever. I love those cupcakes. Where did you get the little haunted houses on top of them?
Lisa said…
Wow! Wow! Wow! It is all too wonderful for words. lol
Okay...first I have to know. WHO do you share all that delicious food you make with? Because I know you can't possibly consume all that. And secondly I want to say how much I love the display. Owls and Pumpkins...2 of my very favorite things. Happy 1st Day of October! :o)
All I can say is -- WOW!
Rue said…
Oh gosh - I think I need to move next door to you! What wonderful displays! And those cupcakes...I'd be needing a bigger pair of pants!
Anonymous said…
Yes, You do have pumpkinfever :-)
The arrangements looks great!
Christer by the Cranelake.
VintageSage said…
Gorgeous! I deem ou the pumpkin Queen. I love the pumpkins in the cage!! Oh and those cupcakes. Yummy!!!
Just Be Real said…
What talent what beauty. Thanks for sharing. Yummy! Blessings.
Lyon said…
You my dear, are freaking amazing.
Guillaume said…
I love the pumpkins display, and the owls. Owls are overlooked winged creatures of the night, we don't see enough of them. They are the origins of a lot of ghost stories.

You have to give us the recipe of the pumpkin cakes.
Bridgett said…
You are definitely the Punkin' Princess. :)

Everything looks absolutely lovely though.
And those cupcakes? YUM!

I love the wrought iron fence cupcake papers. Where did you find them? I'd love to get some too.

SeeThroughGreen said…
I dont know how you do it! You make it look almost effortless! You have a gift I tell you! A HUGE gift!
Everything looks absolutly perfect, so beautiful and sooo yummy!
The pumpkin Queen! You kick jack Skellington right off his throne!!
Anonymous said…
wow, that's a lot of pumkins. festive display and the muffins look so yummy!
kim said…
Your displays are beautiful! I am so sorry to heat Teddy is feeling poorly again! :(

I made Pumkin cookies last weekend!! I ador th wrought iron cupcake holders!!