The Raven

These are the old birdcages I bought at the thrift stores. I spray painted them all black.

This chalkboard was a frame from a thrift store. I took it apart and sprayed the glass with chalkboard paint.

A rat in one of the cages.

This pair of candlesticks was originally green and gold.

The ravens flew the coop!

The black metal mask is another thrift shop find. It's funny how many things in thrift shops don't look like much when you first find them.

This rubber cockroach scared the crap out of me. I would jump and shriek and see it two minutes later and do the same thing. I was in the yard by myself screaming and then laughing at myself over and over.

These guys are really ugly.

The "clock" was a silver tray thrift find which I painted with chalkboard paint.

I really like mixing black mat things with black glossy ones.

This metal tree is the brown and green one i showed you a while ago. I actually regret painting it. I should have left it the way it was because it really would have been great for fall. This tree taught me to look at things for a few days before rushing to paint them.

The metal witch hat was pink and purple. It looks much more serious painted black.

I like using white pumpkins with black objects. And the light green pumpkins like the one behind the cage are very eerie.

Oops....pumpkin delivery!!!!

*Halloween Memories: As a kid, the worst thing that could happen on Halloween was rain or really cold weather. I remember having to walk through puddles while balancing my umbrella and trying to keep my treat bag dry. I also remember having to cover my costume with a big heavy coat and being so disappointed.


Autumnforest said…
Oh, I hated having to wear a jacket with my costume. I planned around it usually by wearing something that could have long johns under it. Hee hee. I love the cages and the setup. It's really a cool vignette! I remember one of my silly memories. I liked to take candy corn and work them over my teeth and then grin and scare my mom.
That cockroach gives me the willies!
Tammy said…
My aren't you the creative one! I would have never thought of any of this!

Hope you are having an awesome day!☼
I don´t know if my comment reached You, something strange happened. Well here it comes again:
Yes everything changes caracter when changing colors. I especially like the birdcages, with or without inhabitants :-)
Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
No bugs! No bugs!

You just amaze me!
oldblackcatboo said…
I've been collecting birdcages too! I have several I want to hang outside. I've also been eyeing a print on called "Witch's Sister" - she's flying on the back of a bat! It's such a small world.
Thanks for your kind comment about my cat Fagan's passing. I hope your puppy is feeling better!
greekwitch said…
You made such an enchanted spot there!I love it!
Here in Greece we go carol singing the morning of Christas eve, and although we do n't get candy treats, we get money instead. So of course this turns into a competition of who makes more money. The parents and grandparents are supposed to give us the most! We woke up early and came back home noon, all tired and happy!
I remember that when the weather was too cold, or rainy they did n't allow us to go out. It felt like the worst possible thing!
AwtemNymf said…
What a nice shrine in memory of E.A. Poe. I loved Nevermore and I love Ravens! I love this post! Awesome altering of the bird cages and frame! Your creative!
Opal Moon Enchantments
Laurie said…
Everything looks great! I really like the chalkboard.
I do remember some rainy Halloween night's and some really cold nights where we had to wear coats over our costumes. Bummer.
Touchatou said…
So beautiful !! The black really gives a nice touch... even for the tree lol
Blue Moon said…
Oh! I love so much what you did with the stuff you found! I have to look back at some of your posts I missed and see how the little broom turned out. You are so crafty ; )
I think that seeing your closed pool, the fallen leaves, all the black steel and iron pieces... it's time for a garden party at your house !
Rue said…
Oh, that roach would give me a heart-attack! I love the chalkboard paint you put on the picture and platter - it's the best stuff!
Atrueoriginall said…
I can sure relate to the cockroach story. All through the summer we had big humongous water bugs come in our apartment during the night.

There is this little tiny crack at the threshold that allows them to just walk in and off to the kitchen floor they go. I'm in Texas so you can imagine the size.

Cool stuff today, love Poe.
Guillaume said…
I suffer from slight musophobia, which amuses my niece quite a lot (she loves to scare me with rats) and I can tell you this rat is really scary in a very ugly way. It gave me shivers. I love ravens, they are such intelligent creatures and they bring atmosphere to any gloomy autumn day.